Monday, June 27, 2016

"Labor" Day Antics

We...our family...try to keep a "running tab" of the funny things Joshua says on a daily basis...and then we share them with each other. We do have some completely "normal" days, but we also have those days when comedic material just presents thing after the other.

Holly's "Labor Day" was one of those "write that down" days. But it wasn't just Joshua saying the funny was all of the kids. And it helped to ease the nervousness of some parts of the day.

I remember when we walked into Holly's labor room. I wrote here about how she kept telling us "not to come right now," so by the time we finally were able to come to the hospital, she'd been in labor for at LEAST 8 hours. She'd had her epidural, so she was hooked up to that pump. She had a catheter, an IV, and was also hooked up to a monitor that watched her vitals, as well as the baby's vitals...and it kept track of her contractions.

When Jim, Joshua and I walked into her room, the first thing Joshua said to her was, "hey, Goup. Comfortable?"

Because: naturally.

(I wrote here about "Goup.")

He also asked Aaron-the-son-in-law if he thought the baby would have fur. Aaron said, "FUR?" Joshua said, "Yes. Or a tail." Aaron said, "Well, I HOPE not."

Joshua said, "I was just teasing...for the humorous."

Aaron and Joshua sat over on the little couch in Holly's room, and passed the time by talking about sports. At one point, Joshua told Aaron: "I'm leaving when the yelling starts."
Aaron: "Yelling? When will that start?"
Joshua: "Labor."
Holly: "Joshua, I've been in labor this whole time, and I haven't yelled or screamed ONCE."
Joshua, looking straight at her: "YOU WILL."

More fun started when Logan and Morgan arrived. They had planned on spending a rare moment off of school and a neighborhood pool. They had plans that night, and were looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day. And then I called to tell them about Holly...and they jumped up and grabbed all of their stuff. She said one of the people at the pool said, "where are y'all going? You just got here!" Morgan said, "BABY!" And they ran out.

Logan said that when they got home, they were changing clothes, and throwing clothes into a bag...trying to get ready to go. He said, "you make the coffee...and I'll make sandwiches!" And they took their food and ate in their car on the way. They are so cute.

This was after I had told them to not feel like they had to come...or that they didn't have to come RIGHT THEN.

But, hey...I get it. I'd been waiting at my house all morning for the "go-ahead."

But Logan and Morgan got there, and, true to Logan-form said, "there's a soccer game on...mind if we turn on the TV?"


Logan is the most curious person ever, and he is not one to sit still. He was walking around the room, looking at all of the equipment. He wanted to know what everything was for...what it did. They checked out the baby "giraffe" warming bed, where they would put Rhodes after his birth...and a bunch of other supplies and equipment in there. He walked over to the monitor by Holly's bed. He said, "does this thing get FACEBOOK?"

By this time, Clark had made it there from work. He and Logan one small room...with a ton of sensitive equipment...and a sister who was "incapacitated?" Well, it was the perfect storm. Plus, those two feed off of each other. At one point, Logan walked over to where the contractions were being printed out on a continuous roll of paper. He pulled out part of the paper to look at it, and goes, "Is this your receipt? GOOD LORD, what did you buy?"

And we all busted out laughing.

But the funniest thing was when Morgan asked Holly, "this might be a dumb question, but I've always wondered...when they check to see how far you're dilated, do they actually measure it...or do they just 'eye-ball" it?'"

I seriously almost lost it.

Because she was so innocent and sweet about it, and she didn't know. And how would you know, if you don't ask or read about it?

I tried not to fall on the floor laughing, because I didn't want her to feel bad...but it was seriously the best thing EVER.

And, of course, I can't forget about the Subway man. About 8 p.m., the baby STILL wasn't born...Jim and the kids decided to head down to the Subway that is located on the bottom floor of the hospital. They were going to bring the food up to the waiting room. They offered to get something for Aaron's parents, but they said they weren't hungry. Well, about 10 minutes went by, and they decided that they'd better Aaron's dad went down to the Subway, too.

Aaron's dad was wearing a plaid shirt. In his front shirt pocket, he had a a Ziploc bag. When he went down to the Subway to place his order, the Subway man asked, "you got weed in that bag?"


Aaron's Dad showed us what was in the bag. At the moment, I can't remember what it was...but I can most certainly tell you that it was NOT weed!

Gotta love people.

"A joyful heart is good medicine..." Proverbs 17:22

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