Friday, June 24, 2016

No A/C At Holly's House Means Baby Time For Me!

We had a great Wednesday. Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation Summer Camp group meets 3 days a week. Typically, he rides in, and rides home, with Clark. But today, I had lunch plans with my friend, Amy G., so I took Joshua into Little Rock, and then hung around town until he was done with his activities for the day.

Last night, Holly texted to say they thought their air-conditioner in their new house wasn't working. I told her to have Aaron-the-son-in-law call someone first thing in the morning. I told her that I would be gone most of the day, but that they were welcome here ANYtime...whether we are home or not.

I mean, they know that.

But they didn't want to be a bother...AND, they are slowly realizing what it means to "travel with a baby," even if that trip is only 2 blocks long.

I had a great lunch with my friend. We haven't gotten together in about a month, so it was great to visit and catch-up.

And laugh. Laughing is about my most favorite thing to do.

We ate at La Madeleine, which is new to the Little Rock area. The waitress told us "bon appetit" when she delivered our food, which made us feel all fancy and everything...even tho the restaurant is most definitely NOT fancy.

And then I got a text from Holly saying that they had been trying to tough it out at their house, but it was 84 degrees inside, and it was only they were coming over.

Aaron had called an a/c company first thing in the morning, and they said they could get to their house on Monday.


Ummm...NO. It's Wednesday.

Then, he called another company, and they said they could come on Friday. Aaron said, "Okay, thank you. I'll have to call someone else...I have a 5 day old baby here." They told him they would work them in on Wednesday they had hope things would be fixed sooner, rather than later.

Right after they got to our house, the a/c person called to say that they had time to run by RIGHT THEN. Aaron jumped in the car, and went back to their house. Fortunately, their unit was able to be repaired for a relatively small amount amount of money.

Which, "small amount of money" is relative...I get this. I'm just saying that our first summer in our house here...our air went out, and we ended up having to spend $9k for a new unit. So anything less than that amount is a WIN, in my opinion.

I picked up Joshua from TR, and all the way home, all I could think of was the fact that my baby baby Rhodes was AT MY HOUSE.

I just want to sit in the corner and hold him all that too much to ask?

I was so happy to get home. They ended up having dinner, and staying for a long time. When they finally went back to their home, she texted this: "house is 75 degrees, and it feels amazing."

I'm really sad their a/c went out. I'm sad that they had to pay a chunk of money to get it fixed. But I am NOT sad that they got to hang out here with us. It was AWESOME! We all got some much needed, much wanted, snuggle time with our little guy. Clark came in from work hot and tired...but LIT UP when he walked in the door and saw Rhodie.

And Jim has been out-of-town for the past 2 days, and he could not WAIT to get home. He walked in, washed his hands, and said, "gimme." And I said, "no, all mine."

We love baby Rhodie!

"Our children will also serve Him. Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord." Psalm 22:30

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