Thursday, June 9, 2016

Joshua at Camp 2016: The Quiet House

Our home is so quiet without Joshua.

He's not loud, by any means...but he has certain sounds that are unique to him. And I'm not just talking about his "mouth noises." I can tell almost everything he's doing, based solely on the sounds coming from upstairs. With Clark at work all day, and Joshua at camp...the upstairs is quiet.

And, I've unloaded the dishwasher TWICE so far. That's one of Joshua's chores, and he takes great pride in doing it.

Dinner last night was very quiet, because it was just Clark and me.

Speaking of dinner, you know how my husband is all weird about his eating? How he said "people shouldn't eat white potatoes," and how I said, "they are what sustains me." Sheesh.

Well, with all of the potatoes I all of the potatoes I used to make mashed potatoes for Holly, in her early months of pregnancy...we had a lot of peelings. And we don't throw any peelings in the trash. OH NOOOO! We (and by "we," I mean JIM) take he the peelings out to the garden for "compost." I like to pretend I know what that is, but I really don' makes the soil in the garden better. ANYWAY, some of the potatoes had "eyes" on them, apparently, and they GREW MORE POTATOES! And, the other day, Jim brought in our first "crop" of potatoes that were grown from the "eyes" in the peelings.

Last night, I washed, cut-up, and roasted those bad boys, and Clark and I had them with our dinner. I was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment like I had never known before. I mean, here I was, eating food that was grown in our very own garden.

This is what Caroline Ingalls felt like, I'm sure of it.

Not that I really had any part in growing the potatoes...except for providing the peelings.

Sure miss my Joshua-man. I hope and PRAY that he is having a good time at Camp. While I miss him terribly, I am enjoying the break, for sure. I've had time to allow my mind to relax a bit...which is something I rarely get to do.

Relax and renew.

"He refreshes and restores my soul..." Psalm 23:3

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