Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Friends Who Show Up

We spent hours in the waiting room on Friday night...waiting on news of our grandson's birth.

Holly had texted to tell us she was about to start pushing. Two hours later, we still had no baby, and no update. When she texted again, she said, "please pray that he will come out."

And, finally, this text: "headed to c-section."

My heart sank. Was there a problem with the baby? With Holly?

Through the windows in the doors, we saw them pushing her bed down the hall to the OR. As a Mom...watching your child being rushed to surgery, and not knowing why...was nerve-wracking.

Just then, I heard talking and laughter. I looked up to see some sweet friends walking through the waiting room doors. My first thought was, "OF COURSE they are here."

My mind instantly went to all the other times these same friends have walked through doors to support our family: when I went into premature labor with Clark, when Clark was born, his stay in the NICU, the surgery to remove his cancerous tumor, the times he had in-patient chemo, when my Mom died, when I've been in the hospital.

God always sends them at just the right times. 

They stayed for a couple of hours, at least...visiting with us, and keeping us distracted. They brought their 24 year old son with them, who grew up with Logan. I felt bad, after I realized that their son had made other plans for the night. His Dad said, "we just want to stay until we know everything is okay...and then we'll go." Their son said, "it's fine...no big deal."

And, true to their word, when the doctor came out, and told us "mom and baby are fine," our friends got up, gave hugs all around...and left.

We had a lot of friends and family members praying for us on Friday, and I'm not discounting that at all. The prayers of others have sustained and encouraged us in our lives on many, many occasions. Many times, they are what God used to hold us up.

But there's just something about a friend who takes time out of their day or night...and makes the effort to come to you, wherever you are. No parade, no sharing of their intentions on social media, no posting pictures of them standing in front of the waiting room doors, so that everyone knows they were here...no fanfare. They just show up.

It's not always feasible, I know this...but it's such a blessing.

I want to be one of those friends who invests in the lives of others...who prays for them, encourages them, and, when I can, shows up for them.

"Carry one another's burdens..." Galatians 6:2

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