Sunday, June 5, 2016

A LONNNNNNNG Sunday (Taking Joshua to Camp)

I woke up early this morning to a "disturbance in the force." I couldn't figure out what it was until I heard Clark crashing around in the bathroom. And then he tried to quietly close our door, you he wouldn't disturb us...and it took him 3 tries to get it closed, because I had a hanger hanging on the door, and it made such a racket that I sat straight up in bed.


I wandered in the kitchen, and there he was...the perpetrator of all the commotion, standing in front of the stove...calmly COOKING A BREAKFAST TACO IN A SKILLET. 

At 4 a.m.

Home 1 whole day and I kinda wanted to strangle him.

But bless him. His sleep pattern is so messed up. He said he was up at 3 a.m. 

I went back to bed and tried to sleep, but I tossed and turned. I finally got up around 7:30, and got ready. Jim made the "Sunday Rolls" (cinnamon rolls) that we have every single Sunday...and he and Joshua had already eaten breakfast.

Jim left for church, and then Joshua, Clark and I left to take Joshua to Camp.

Joshua goes to Camp Barnabas up in Missouri. It's a 4 hour trip from here. We stopped for lunch...and that took extra time. And then we stopped for gas and to potty at the Walmarks...and THAT took some time.

Actually, I stopped at the Walmarks, because I noticed that Joshua's nose hair was OUT.OF.CON.TROL. I had to buy one of those "nose trimmer" things toDAY, because I had forgotten to do it at home. Usually, I will offer to take care of it...and trim his eyebrows, but he will say, "I'll save that for Holly."

She loves it when he says that.


And while we were there, I decided to potty...since we arrive at the gate at 3, and it doesn't open until 4...and the camp is in the middle of nowhere.

As I came out of the bathroom stall, there was a man standing there...waiting his turn. A man dressed like a woman.

I do have feelings and opinions about this whole bathroom issue, but I'm not sure I want to share them on here, other than to say I'd prefer to fight, make, and change LAWS...and not attack PEOPLE.

It did freak me out, tho. 

Not gonna lie.

We made it to camp at 2:58. All the cars line up on the side of a dusty front of the gate. I like to be there early, because first in...first out.

Or, that was the plan.

Last year, we were the 11th car in line at 3 o'clock. This year, at 2:58, we were the 54th car in line. FIFTY-FOURTH. I can't even comprehend that.

But this ain't momma's first rodeo. We had drinks and snacks and DVDs. 

We finally got in the gate a little after 4, and they herded us around a large field and that took for-ev-er. But we got Joshua to his cabin, and got him all settled...and then we bugged out. Clark tried so hard to stay awake. I told him that I knew where I was going, and that he could go to sleep if he wanted he did. 

The child slept for 3 straight hours.


But now we are home, safe and sound. Holly did not have the baby while I was gone, which was my fear. She's not in labor, but I was worried.

I'm gonna miss that man-child of mine this week...but I know he will have fun.

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

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