Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clark is 19!

Today is our youngest child's birthday, and he is 19. How can this even be? Because most of the people who read my blog are my family members and close friends, and they remember how Clark was born so very early...and how scared we were.

And they remember his cancer diagnosis when he was just 2 years old.

Many of them walked that road right along with us. We can never thank everyone enough for the support and encouragement they've given us over the years. God used their prayers to sustain us and hold us up during some dark and scary days. I posted a picture on IG (martythemoose) that I took early this morning. Clark had just gotten up...and he had bed-head and a sleepy face and wasn't wearing a shirt. I love the picture because, while I wouldn't wish what he/we went through on anyone, it shows some of his physical scars...the one where his port was, and the rainbow-shaped scar that goes across his abdomen where they removed his tumor and part of his liver. The scars are constant reminders of where we've been and how far God has brought our family (My IG is private for now, so you have to request to follow. I may be making it more public soon. Just thinking of and praying about it).

And so while this day is about Clark, for sure, it's also about how God has been faithful in good times and in bad. I never want to forget that, while the circumstances in our lives may change, God never does.

"He is your constant source of stability..." (Isaiah 33:6)

We are so thankful for Clark!

Holly spent the night with us last night because her husband was out-of-town. There's just not much else as fun as having one of your adult kids stay the night in your house. I was a happy Mom! The bad side was that we didn't get to stay up late watching movies or anything...because she had to leave our house at 5:15 in the morning for nursing school. Before she left, tho, she tip-toed upstairs and into her youngest brother's wake him up and wish him a Happy Birthday!

I love that my kids love each other. I really love that they also genuinely LIKE each other. In this day and time when families and siblings can't get along for any number of reasons...I am just really thankful that we all get along and can be happy spending time with each other. Sure makes things a lot more peaceful all the way around.

I took Joshua into Little Rock for his Therapeutic Recreation. His group was going to a place to paint ceramics. AND THEN, they were going out for lunch. It's a well-documented fact that all the FRIENDS love to eat out.


He said he had a great day!

I was able to do some shopping for Clark while Joshua was at TR. I bought him clothes for his birthday. Boring, I know, but it's what he needed: compression shorts, socks, warm-up pants, and a shirt. He was pretty excited about all of it!

I also made a quick trip to the grocery store. We typically will take our kids, and the rest of the family, out for dinner for their birthdays...wherever they want to go. It's been a lonnnnnng time since one of ours has requested for me to cook a specific meal here at home. Clark asked if I would make tacos and just have a taco bar set that's what I did. For dessert, instead of a traditional birthday cake, I made a chocolate-chip cookie cake, and decorated it with icing and Valentine M&Ms.

Joshua said, "I know DAD will want a piece of that cookie cake." I said, "you think?" Joshua: "Yes. But we should put some good and healthy, GLUTEN-FREE BROCCOLI on top of his piece."

And then he just laughed and laughed, and watched Jim's face to make sure he hadn't hurt his Dad's feelings. He watches everyone's faces very intently...all the time. He told Jim that he was just joking..."for the humorous."

Speaking of Joshua, I'll shut this thing down with the Facebook post he wrote about Clark. It is the sweetest thing ever. Note the word, "MORPHINCAL" is making another appearance. :)

Remember his Facebook post from my birthday:

It's molecular transmutation. I want to give a birthday wish to a wonderful loving caring supporting encouraging strong and yet wise mom. Who has gave and taught me. How to have leadership strength and boldness and patience. Words aren't. Enough to describe such a mom that has made sacrifices for the 4 of us. Her. Kids. So I say on the behalf of my siblings. Holly, LoganClark and I are extremely and morphincally blessed. That we have a mom. Who has gave birth to all 4 of us. Even through the hard times. As a 3 month old baby I was having open heart surgery and Clark who battled with cancer. We have stayed strong and united as a family. We will always stay a family through the good, through the bad through the ugly times. We have always stayed together. We are 1 because our hearts are 1 through the blood of The Lord we always have been raised in a godly Christ led home. So. Happy birthday to you. Mom. holly Logan Clark and I love you.

 I'm gonna try to cut and paste it, so that you can read it exactly how he typed it:

I want to say a happy birthday to my youngest baby brother Clark J. Garland he is one of my biggest influence in my life. I think highly my little-tall brother. I think the world of him. He is a man. He is the man. I'm grateful that The Lord has entrusted me to be his oldest brother. He is morphincal to in a way he is the bravest man I ever known. I'm so blessed to have him. As a brother. I love you. Clark you are great strive for greatness as a man of valor strength leadership and faith I will and forever blessed that you are my brother. So, Clark happy birthday.

"The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3


  1. I sure do love seeing Joshua posts in my newsfeed. I try to like them all so he thinks he is getting the attention he deserves!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for that, Audra. You know him too well. He does like to get a lot of "likes" on everything he posts. The past two days, what with the Tim Tebow prom and Special O, he says that he has gotten so much "Facebook puh-bliss-ah-tee" that it is wearing him out! Ahhhh...the price of fame!