Thursday, February 5, 2015

TV Interview and Cooking Chicken

Is it Friday yet?

And...question. Are peanut m&m's gluten-free?


My husband just ate a big, ol' handful of them.

Uh-huh. Gluten-free my eye.

Anyway, today I took Joshua to Little Rock for his Therapeutic Recreation.

Last night, the director of his TR program, Mrs. Alanna, said that a local news station wanted to do segment on TR. She said that they wanted to interview some parents, and asked if I could hang out for a little while and talk with them.

I said, "sure."

And then I threw up all morning.


The FRIENDS were so excited about the possibility of being on TV. One girl came walking down the hall toward me. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "is it true that TV people are coming?" I said, "yes, but they aren't here yet." She said, "I want them to know my name."

Is that not the sweetest?

They got there and took me to the middle of the hallway and mic'd me up. And, bonus...NONE OF THE OTHER PARENTS WERE THERE...just me. She started asking me questions and that's approximately the exact time I decided to turn into a crazy person. I don't even know what all I said.

I think I can best relate this to Scripture. I mean, MULAN. Remember when Mulan is trying to pass herself off as PING? And Chi Fu asks for her papers and he says, "THE Fa Zhou? I didn't know Fa Zhou had a son." And PING/MULAN says, "he doesn't talk about me much." And then Chi Fu says, "I can see why..the boy's an absolute LUNATIC."

That's kind of how I felt.

I talked with them for 5-8 minutes, and when it was over I asked the reporter, "can you make me sound smart?"

I can't remember if she answered me or not.

In the end, the segment they ran had me talking for about 1.3 seconds. And I would like to say that the camera adds 10 pounds  and there were about 3 cameras there so I'm telling everyone to think of me as being MUCH THINNER. And younger. And more coherent.

After I left, the camera crew continued to film the group in their activity. Today they were cooking a healthy meal as part of their Healthy Lifestyle study. They divided up into groups. Some chopped vegetables, some made rice, some cooked the chicken, and some made the green tea. Joshua said, "I was in the chicken."

He described how they made a "maraNAY" (marinade) for the chicken and cooked it on a small griddle thing. They cooked most of it in the oven, because it was quicker. They just wanted to give the FRIENDS the experience of cooking it.

Joshua said the food was wonderful! He said that they "had silverware and everything." He said he was using his knife and fork to cut his chicken and looked up and one of the FRIENDS had his chicken breath IN HIS HAND. Joshua said, "what are you doing? That's not good manners."

And then he announced to Mrs. Alanna and the others, "we need to brush up on our manners and ETIQUETTES."

"Magnify the LORD with me! Let's praise His name together!" Psalm 34:3

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