Thursday, February 19, 2015

Policemen, Firefighters and a Jedi

Today was Joshua's only day this week that he made it to Therapeutic Recreation...because of the little ICE storm we had at the beginning of the week. Oh, I think we could've gone yesterday, except for the fact that I'm a big chicken when the roads are bad...and except for the fact that Joshua has had a little "code" (cold) or allergy issue or something...but MAINLY except for the fact that Holly texted me to say that Baptist Health had canceled nursing classes for the day and so she was coming over to hang out with us.

Happy Mom.

And, honestly, I've wanted to keep Joshua inside and away from all the germs that are going around. I have been praying for Joshua to get better. Actually, he acts like he feels fine, and he's eating and drinking fine. I am just terrified for him to get the flu...even tho he had a flu shot. We've already had so many die from it here in Arkansas.

Anyway, last night when he asked about going to TR today, I said we would "play it by ear."

And this morning, he came into my room and asked again if we were going. He is the sweetest thing. I asked if he wanted to go, and he said, "yes, ma'am...if we can." So I decided to take him. I felt like it would be really good for him emotionally...he really misses his routine and he really misses his FRIENDS.

Joshua came downstairs all dressed and ready to go. He was grinning from ear to ear. I posted a picture of him on my Facebook wall from this morning.

And off we went! He talked the whole way...which, it's about a 35-40 minute drive, so that's a lot of talking! At one point, we saw blue lights ahead and I said, "uh-oh, Joshua. The policeman pulled someone over for speeding." And he said, "maybe...or it might be a DYU."


It was so funny. Then he said, "I've learned a lot about policemen and firefighters from watching movies like "Fireproof" and "Courageous."

Have ya now?

He said, "I always wanted to be a policeman or a firefighter...but not for the night-shift. THAT'S NOT ME. Having crack-heads shooting at me? NO. I'm more of a day person."

He continued: "I'm more of a storyteller. I write stories and screen plays for movies. I wouldn't mind playing the ROLE of a policeman or a firefighter...or a Jedi." And then he proceeded to wave his imaginary light-saber around in the car.

I wouldn't mind being a Jedi myself. I sure could've used some Jedi mind tricks on the two women in line in front of me at Target today. They bought boxes of trash bags out the wahzoo, with coupons...and then proceeded to give the Target lady 5 or 15 of those Target gift card things with varying amounts on them.


It went on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Or, like 12 minutes...which seems like forever when all you have in your buggy is a t-shirt, a box of GLUTEN FREE granoli bars...and a bottle of nail polish.

The Target lady gave me $3 off for patiently waiting. SCORE.

And, I don't know what it is but after I picked up Joshua, we went to Kroger and bought groceries. I forgot that I wanted to get a Kroger gift card and give to Logan and Morgan, so after I paid for all of our groceries, I got Joshua to wait by the buggy while I ran to get gift card and then got in the express line. Which, DON'T EVEN get me started on all of that. Anyway, the guy behind me kept trying to talk to me about BANANAS and he was giving me the creeeeeeps...especially after he asked me if I knew what a cold night was good for, and I was afraid to answer. He said, "drinking whiskey," and then just stared me down.

In the words of the great theologian, Beyonce: "You must not know 'bout me..."

Go away, creeper-von-creeperson.

I could've used some Jedi powers there, too, to throw him across the room.

Then Joshua started talking about his girlfriend, Jenni. He said that she "got fussy" with him last night...when he told her he needed to get off the phone to go to bed. AND IT WAS 9:20.

I said, "but you DIDN'T go to bed at 9:20." He said, "I know. I just really wanted to watch the Razorback game."

"The LORD watches over the innocent day by day..." Psalm 37:18

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