Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day, Fixer Upper and the Razorbacks

We had another snow day today, and it was really nice. I'm such a homebody that days at home don't really bother me. Our kids have always been okay with it, too, even when they were little. I always thought that it was MUCH harder to get all 4 of the dressed and packed up and dropped off at school...than it was to let everyone stay in their pajammies all day at home.

But I'm weird like that.

I do hate that Joshua is missing his friends. His Therapeutic Recreation program didn't meet today, and it's doubtful for tomorrow. Even if they do meet, I don't think we will go...with what they're showing on the news, I might get there and have to be heading right back home because of the weather.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Clark's high school texted that they WILL be open tomorrow, and one student replied, AND I QUOTE: "y'all childish for dat."

Gotta love teenagers.

My Mom would've spanked me AND grounded me for being sassy like that.

We hung out here all day. Clark's girlfriend, Faith, brought homemade cinnamon rolls over this morning. She used Ree's recipe, and she said it made 7 pans! I've only made that recipe one time, and I cut it in half! I don't really like things that are super sweet, but I did take a bite of one...and they were yummy! Good job, Faith!

We watched a movie this morning, and when it was lunch-time, we pulled out stuff from the frig and everyone fixed what they wanted. Faith went home...and then Holly showed up! Her classes were canceled again today! I think I wrote this yesterday, but she said, "at this rate, I may NEVER become a nurse!"

We are all addicted to "Fixer Upper," which comes on HGTV, on Tuesdays. I try to fix something special for dinner, and make it a fun night. Last Tuesday night, we decided that we'd order Chinese food and the restaurant was closed. We assumed it was because we had icy streets last Tuesday. BUT, NO. We called again today, and they are closed AGAIN. Jim said he found out they are closed on Tuesdays.


Not to be deterred, we called another place, and Jim and Holly went to pick it up. It was so good!

We sat around the table after dinner and talked. We were waiting on Aaron-the-son-in-law to get here. I remembered to tell Jim about the cinnamon rolls...he was already gone this morning when Faith brought them over. He took one look at them, said "YUM!" and then proceeded to make himself the dessert of all desserts. He microwaved the cinnamon roll, and then put a big, ol' glob of vanilla ice-cream right on top of it.

Excuse me, sir...IS THAT GLUTEN FREE?

That's what I thought.


Who ARE you and what have you done with my husband?

I DO have toffee bits, but he decided that he didn't really need them...even tho he said they would be good.

At 8 o'clock, all the guys watched the Razorback game in the living room, and Holly and I watched Fixer Upper in the other room. And even tho the Razorback game nearly gave me heart failure about 3 or 11 times, it was such a fun night.

"For to the snow He says, 'Fall on the earth..." Job 37:6

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