Saturday, February 14, 2015

Night To Shine 2015: Joshua's Update

Joshua had a BLAST at the Tim Tebow Foundation's "Night To Shine" prom. I could hardly wait for him to get home last night, so that I could find out all about it.

Joshua is funny. He will look forward to something so much and for so long...and then when it finally happens, he seems worn out. I think the anticipation is almost more than he can handle, and by the time the event rolls around...he's just exhausted. I kind of fretted all night, wondering if he was sitting alone at a table while Jenni was dancing the night away.

Girlfriend feels the beat of the rhythm of the night.

Well, thankfully, at this prom, each FRIEND was assigned a "buddy" for the night...and Joshua's buddy JUST SO HAPPENED to be a Ouachita graduate. And she JUST SO HAPPENED to have been in Holly's social club (sorority) at Ouachita...and pledged 2 years after Holly did. And, thankfully, Holly is still friends with this girl, and the girl was posting pics all night long of her and Joshua and Jenni. As a Mom...even an "older" mom...even an older mom of an older was so comforting to see images of a happy Joshua all during the night!

He said that they had food...again...but that he didn't eat anything because he wasn't one bit hungry.

He said that they got in a line to ride in a limo. He said they got on a church van and rode to the place where the limo was...and then they all piled in the limo: Joshua, Jenni, their buddies...and a couple of their friends from Therapeutic Recreation. Joshua said that one girl started talking about the group, One Direction. All of the girl FRIENDS are IN LOVE with One Direction. Jenni said she didn't want to talk about them at prom, and the other FRIEND told Joshua's "shut U-P." And he spelled out U-P. He knows we don't say "shut up" in our our house! He said this girl was sitting behind them, and Jenni started to lunge at her (to do what, I do not know!), but Joshua said he told Jenni, and he put his finger up to show us for emphasis, "oh, no, we are NOT doing this in this nice, rich limo."

Once they got back to the prom, they danced the night away. Joshua danced with his buddy, and with his FRIENDS from Therapeutic Recreation. The good thing about the FRIENDS is that they will dance with anyone...or they will dance alone. They don't really care. The music makes them so happy.

Joshua and Jenni found the photo booth, and we got some cute pictures from that.

Joshua said that when it was time to go, Jenni's helper-friend, Tiffannie, rounded them up and they left. He said that they had gotten to the car and out of the parking lot when Jenni said, "I forgot my purse." And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Joshua said, "Tiffannie went into ORBIT...without the rockets." HAHAHAHA! Suffice it to say that Tiffannie-the-helper-friend was NOT HAPPY with Jenni. I'm sure that she had told Jenni to get all of her stuff, and I'm sure that she reminded her more than once, and I'm sure that Jenni probably got exasperated because she thought she had everything.

They had to circle back to the prom...find a parking place...and all 3 go back in. They found her purse, but trying to hurry on the way out, Joshua said that Jenni dropped it and all the stuff inside went flying everywhere. Ladies...have we not all been there? So I think there were some words said, but thankfully...Joshua was not involved in any of that.


Tiffannie got Jenni to her house...and then brought Joshua to where we typically meet up with her. It was so good to see both of them! I got to tell them that they were both on our local news stations, and they couldn't wait to get home and watch.

When Joshua got into my car, he immediately started talking. I said, "wait just a second, Joshua. I want to hear all about your night...just let me get my seat-belt on and get settled."

Joshua said, "okay...but FIRST THINGS FIRST: hand-gel."

I said, "you need hand-gel?"

Joshua: "well, I danced with Em...and who knows where her hands have been?!"

"...I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of Mine, you did it for Me." Matthew 25:40

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