Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Maggie-the-Dog, Drama & Breaking It Down

I remember the first blog I ever read. I mean, besides my sister's.

It was Kelly's Korner Blog. I had gotten an email marked "urgent prayer request." I opened it and read about Kelly's daughter, Harper, and began to pray for her and her family. That was 6 years ago. From Kelly's blog, I found Boo Mama's blog, and Big Mama's blog...and it's been nothing but hilarity ever since. There are several blogs that I try to read regularly, but these three really make my day every day. 

And Sheaffer, at Pinterest Told Me To, has enhanced my life...and the life of the girls in my family...immensely! And we have the PJ Flannel pajamas, the Hunter boots, and the Kendra Scott earrings to prove it!

So the other day, I read where Sophie said that Melanie was the best gift the internet had ever given her, and it got me thinking...about some of the good gifts the internet has given me.

Things like encouragement. And advice. 

Just a couple of months ago, I was reading Big Mama's blog, and she was talking about how her two puppies were slowly but surely destroying their house. And some well-meaning person commented that she just needed to set down some rules and let those puppies know who's boss.

See? Great advice. And it didn't cost me a thing.

And I think I posted how I sat our dog, Maggie, down and talked with her about not poo-pooing in our garage at night...and how well coming to Maggie in a calm and rational manner and letting her know that I am the boss of HER...worked at changing her behavior.

Except the exact opposite of that.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave to take Joshua into Little Rock, I walked into the garage and over to my side of the car...and, there it was: a little surprise from Maggie.

AREYOUKIDDINGME? After our talk and everything?

Joshua got in the car while I got the shovel...and I could hear him laughing, "heeheeheeheehee..." I'm glad SOMEONE thinks it's funny.

And, you know? I think it goes to show how far social media has permeated our minds, because the first thing I thought about doing was taking a picture of "it." And a split second later, I thought, "MARTY, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? EVERYONE HAS SEEN POO-POO."

I was just so frustrated and I wanted to send the picture to Jim at his work so that he would KNOW

I thought it might make me feel better for him to just KNOW

Real mature. I know.

Today, Joshua's group stayed at the Therapeutic Recreation Center. They did an art project and then had lunch together...and then worked on "team building activities" in the afternoon. They ended the day with Wii Dance, and Joshua said that the funniest part was watching FRIEND Kale break it down. I asked, "Did Kale break it down when he danced?" And Joshua said, "yes, he did. He broke it ALL THE WAY DOWN."

Joshua said that there was "drama" between his girlfriend, Jenni, and one of the leaders. There is a rule that you are not supposed to have your phones out during group times...because it's one of the POINTS of the group time and one of the POINTS of Therapeutic interact with the others in your group. But just like you don't put baby in a don't take the phone away from Jenni. Not unless you want to feel the wrath. So, I think there were words.

Correction: I KNOW there were words.

And Joshua said that he went over to Jenni and got right in her face and said, "I know how you're feeling and I understand...but we have to show respect." And he said that she agreed with him and gave him a big hug...all the while glaring at the leader.

Joshua said, "I guess you could say I had a FACE-MASK MOMENT with Jenni."

Yes. You could say that.

"Listen to the words of the wise..." Proverbs 22:17


  1. I "met" you through a comment you left on Big Mama's or Shay's or Sophie's blog, but as soon as I read your blog the first time, I knew I had found one of my people!

    1. Awww...THANK YOU! Nice to "meet" you, too!