Monday, February 23, 2015

"He gives snow like wool..." And I'm Fine With That!

We were so excited to have a real, live snow day...with real, live snow.

Unfortunately for me, my husband is a morning person, and he woke me up at the crack of dawn.


He went to work late this morning, and it wasn't 3 minutes later that I heard the doorbell ring. I thought, "what in the world?" And I thought that SOMETHING must've he slid into something or there was something out there he wanted me to see...but he would normally use the garage door.

It was Holly, Aaron-the-son-in-law...and Marley the half-a-dog. Holly usually calls or texts before they come over, just to make sure we are home, but this time they just popped in. AND I'M FINE WITH THAT. 

As I watched them walk in...her with her back-pack full of her nursing books; him with Marley's crate, doggy diaper bag, and the camera bag...and I fast-forwarded in my mind to the day when they will hopefully come in with their baby or child, and a real baby diaper bag...and spend the day with us.

Nobody tells Holly I said this. She gets enough pressure from others as it is, and they aren't trying to have a baby yet. AND I'M FINE WITH THAT.

All in God's time. :)

Turns out, Aaron was going to try to make it into he packed them up and brought them to me. How sweet is that?

We sure enjoyed having her hang out with us.

We didn't really do much of anything. OH! We watched "The Sound of Music!" I was reading on Twitter, and saw where Sophie Hudson said she hadn't ever see TSOM (I KNOW!) (BLESS HER!) (IT'S SO GOOD!). Holly and I LOVE TSOM, and watch it frequently...and decided to watch it today. Joshua and Clark were in the other room playing PS4, so it was the perfect time!

Later this afternoon, Aaron came by and picked up Holly and Marley, and they went to their home.

I got busy and started dinner. We fixed filet mignon, baked potatoes (Jim had a sweet potato because he said, AND I QUOTE: "no one should be eating white potatoes. Too much starch." Of course, this happened at the exact time I was putting a big, ol' bite of a NORMAL baked potato in my mouth! If I didn't eat "white" potatoes, I wouldn't be alive because they are my "go-to" meal), steamed broccoli, spinach salad...and I made some rolls for Joshua and Clark. These days, Jim treats rolls like they are kryptonite. UGH.

Clark didn't join us because he was at his girlfriend's house. Joshua said, "well, it's his loss," and he was RIGHT!


Not a normal meal for our family.

Joshua said, "no one cooks as good as Mom." And then he stared at Jim's face.  I could tell he was trying to figure something out. Finally he said, "steaks on the grill are really good, too." Usually when we have steaks, it's when Jim can cook them on the grill. Joshua wanted to make sure he didn't hurt Jim's feelings.

Joshua is very complimentary. He tells me my hair looks good, or that the meal tastes good, or that he likes that I ironed his clothes before church.

Speaking of church, this past Sunday I got ready...wore a dress I'd worn several times big deal. I walked into the living room, and Joshua was standing there folding the "throw blankets" that were strewn all over the couch. He looked up at me and said, "ME-YOW!"

Which is, I'm sure, what every mom wants to hear from her son before she goes to church.

But it's what THIS Mom was happy to hear from her son before she went to church...because I'M FINE WITH THAT.

"He gives snow like wool..." Psalm 147:16

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