Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This is our second "snow" day and school is out. Which, I am thrilled about that...but we didn't get any snow. We got ice, and ice is not good for anything except for keeping your food and drinks cold.

Snow = Good. Ice = Bad.

Got it?

After bragging on the blog yesterday about how productive I was, I have to say that my biggest accomplishment today was that I caught up on all of my blog reading. I know, right? I'm not proud of it, but I'm not sad about it, either.

Because 10 days behind.

I stayed in my flannel pjs until lunch, but it was totally by accident (wink!). I was doing stuff around the house and had planned on changing into "real" clothes and looking presentable before Jim came home for lunch, which is usually a little after 12. Today, he walked in at 11, and caught me in the middle of singing Mercy Me's "Greater" (with a lot of flourish), and still wearing my flannel mustache-print pajammies.

Whatcha gonna do?

And I also want to report that while on our snow/ice day yesterday, I served every manner of 3 solid meals...today we have resorted to eating from the 4 basic food groups known as candy, candy canes, candy corn...and syrup.

Don't be a hater.

Also, I took a pullover out of the dryer that had been worn in a 10k last weekend. It still had the 4 bib pins on the front of it. And I know, I should've noticed it before I ran it through the washer AND the dryer, but I didn't...and, anyway, what about the one who did not remove them before throwing the shirt in the laundry? I'm lookin' at you, Clark or Faith!

This morning, we were just talking, and Joshua said that it would be a long time before he ran out of Pop-Tarts.

I said, "oh yeah?"
He said, "Yes, because I have about 50 Pop-Tarts in the pantry."
I shot back, "YOU DO NOT have 50 Pop-Tarts in there." I immediately felt bad because he looked at me all confused. 
He said, "I have blueberry and strawberry, and some left of cherry."
I said, "well, that's not FIFTY."
He said, "it's not?"
I said, "No. How many Pop-Tarts are in each box?"
He said, "24."

And, right then, in my mind...I started thinking, "oh my...I think he's right!" Because I was counting the PACKAGES of Pop-Tarts and not the actual Pop-Tarts. And I didn't even know how many Pop-Tarts were in each box.

He continued, "...and 24 plus 24 is 48...right?" He looked up at me, waiting to see what I said. Even simple Math is hard for him, so he honestly wanted to know.

I said, "yes." And he said, "that's pretty close to 50...right?"

I said, "yes." And he said, "I have about 4 cherry Pop-Tarts of left, too, so that's around 50 Pop-Tarts...right?"

I said, "YES! YOU ARE RIGHT, Joshua! I am so proud of you counting up your Pop-Tarts. I had no idea how many were in those boxes. You are RIGHT!"

He said, "Well...(and he used his hands a lot for this illustration) I'm just adding Pop-Tarts mathematically.

"How great are Your works, O LORD. Your thoughts are very deep." Psalm 92:5

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  1. I love this. That sounds like a great ice day. Candy and blogs. And Joshua. :)