Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smells Like Turd

Got your attention?

This week has been full of ice, snow, cold, cancellations, pajama days and lots of time at home.

I don't get cabin fever...EVER. I never have. Even when my kids were little and I didn't have a second to myself...I never really got stir-crazy. When I hear people talk about having to get out of the house...I don't "get" that.

I don't have a problem with it...I just love being at home.

I think God makes us the way we are because of the lives He knows we are going to lead. I am a pretty content person and I don't have to GO, GO, GO...which, for my life, the way it is...the husband and children God gave works. If I was more like my Mom, with her personality and ambitions and dreams...I would be one unhappy person with my life.

So, Tuesday, Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation (TR) was cancelled due to the ice. He was sad, but Clark's school was also cancelled...and so was Holly's nursing school. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Poor Jim was the one having to work the long, late hours, while we Joshua's words..."hanged out" at home.

On Wednesday, TR was open and school was in session, so Joshua and I headed down to Little Rock. When he walked in, alllllll of the friends came running to meet him. The TR group had gone on a BIG TRIP to Graceland on Friday. Joshua didn't get to go because we were at my sister's for the big anniversary party. So, they were SO excited to see Joshua! And they were all talking at once and telling him ALL about their trip.

The sad thing about Wednesday was that Jenni didn't come. Her Mom decided that the roads around where they live were just a little too icy for her to try and brave at that point. Jenni called Joshua crying. We were already in the car on our way. Joshua is usually happy. Oh, sometimes he gets angry or upset at his brothers...or if the Razorbacks lose...or if Bret Bielema wears that dang windbreaker...but otherwise, he is pretty congenial. I heard him talking to Jenni quietly. When he got off the phone, he looked at me...his voice was shaky when he said, "well, Jenni's not coming today." I was driving, but I glanced over at him. He wasn't crying, but his eyes were brimming with tears.

Almost made me want to go pick up Jenni myself.


BUT TODAY! I took him to TR and Jenni got to come! And it was glorious and all the angels sang.

I don't really know that. All I DO know is that they were happy to see each other, and they got along all day...and when I picked him up, she walked him out to the car and kissed him good-bye. It was sweet.

On our way home, I needed to stop by The Krogers (what my mother-in-law calls it) and pick up a few things. As we walked through the parking lot, we had to walk past a vehicle that had a very smoky exhaust. Joshua said, "shoo-eeee...that stinks." I was just about to tell him that it was the smell of gas coming from that car when he matter-of-factly announced, "smells like TURD."

"...glorify His mighty works, singing songs of praise." Job 36:24

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