Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TR's Big Darn Bridge Day

Joshua had Therapeutic Recreation (TR) today, and it was a beautiful day for it. They were going to the Big Dam Bridge for a walk and a picnic. Joshua calls it the Big DARN Bridge...because one time they went, he told us that he was tired because he had "walked THAT DAM BRIDGE," and that got quite the reaction!

Just sayin'.

While he was with his friends, I spent some time shopping with Holly, and got in lunch with a friend. :)

A. Good. Day.

After I picked him up and on the 35 minute drive home, he told me what all went on today. How he almost walked a 5k...how one of the friends had an asthma attack on the walk...how they were supposed to bring a picnic lunch and everyone brought sandwiches, except for one girl, whose mom bought her a Hot'n'Ready pizza from Lil Caesar's and she turned into both the envy and the arch nemesis of the entire group. Joshua said it "wasn't very pic-nicky."

Well, said.

Kinda hard to choke down a PBJ sandwich when your friend has got a steamin' hot slice of pepperoni pizza.

He said that some of the friends sat around the picnic table, but he sat on a blanket with some of the others. He was sitting on his right foot, and he said that when he got up to take his stuff to the trash, he nearly fell over because his foot fell asleep.

Apparently that was the big drama.

This blog post is riveting, I know, but we can't see cats in strollers and pet RACCOONS every day.

Other than that, I think everyone got along well. I pulled up to the TR Center to pick him up, and I could see the back patio area from the road. Three friends were doing the hula-hoop; A couple of friends were throwing a ball back and forth; two were sitting in chairs, watching and talking; a couple of them were under the pavilion part, talking and sitting in the shade.

It was such a sweet setting.

I am so very thankful for the ones the Lord has brought into our lives to walk with us as we parent our sweet Joshua...(and, because I know they'll say it) Holly, Logan and Clark. We certainly wouldn't want to walk this path alone. :)

"Walk with the wise and become wise..." Proverbs 13:20

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