Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dave and Shelley

We had such a great time at my brother and sister-in-law's 25th wedding anniversary party! It was a fun time with my family, and a few of Dave and Shelley's friends.

When we first cooked up the idea of this party, it was mainly at my Dad's urging. sisters and I...did not think it was something Dave and Shelley would enjoy. Especially Shelley. Because they just aren't the type of people who like being the center of attention...or like it when anyone makes a fuss over them.

But my Dad was so sincere about it that we all jumped on board, and invitations were sent out. Dave and Shelley's kids...all EIGHT of them...were all excited to be "in" on the big surprise...but when my brother (of all people) started to make some plans for that weekend, well...we had to let him in on it.

As expected, Shelley wasn't thrilled with the idea. At first. She is just a really humble person, and didn't want or feel like they needed to come to a party for them.

I talked to my Dad about it, and it was so sweet. He said, "this is the last 25th wedding anniversary from our family that I will ever get to see or be a part of."

And that made me cry.

And, so, OF COURSE we were having a party! And my sister, Leanne, being the party maven she is, was all, like, GO BIG OR GO HOME and hit the ground in party-mode.

We had the party at a restaurant. Leanne reserved a private room, and we went up early to decorate. That part is always so much fun. Working together with my family...setting stuff up, or tearing it down, or cleaning it all up...SO FUN.

In the end, we had most of our family there, and they had some of Shelley's family there...and a few of their friends came. The dinner buffet was awesome! The cake was amazing! Leanne has a friend who makes cakes for her and they always turn out beautiful AND tasty.

Shelley's mom was there, and my brother had gotten some flowers for honor the nearly 50 years of marriage she and her husband, Sam, had together. I know he is enjoying Heaven...but we missed him being a part of the celebration.

The only negative things that happened...and there were two...were, 1) that Dad and Clara decided they wanted to leave the party at 8:30 and drive home. 5 hours away. In potentially unstable weather. They were trying to beat the predicted ice-storm. Neither one of them can see very well at night. They are almost 78 and 82 years old. PLEASE STAY PUT. Leanne had offered for them to stay with her...they were not in the way AT ALL...and they had no real reason to be home. They just kept saying, "if we don't leave now, we'll have to stay til Tuesday." And we were all, like, "SOOOO?"

I guess it's easy when you are younger to think you can come and go as you please, and it's easier to adjust. When you are older, people say you are "set in your ways," but the truth is that maybe you are just more comfortable in your own surroundings...probably safer, too. No little dogs or children underfoot; you know where the furniture is; you don't typically trip on rugs; you have your own chair; you don't have to worry about waking anyone when you get up in the night, and you have nite-lites that line your way; you don't have to share a bathroom, and you know that you're the only one who has used your towel; you know how much medication you need to pack for how many days you will be gone.

Dad and Clara ended up leaving and it scared all of us half-to-death. AND, we can't call them because their cell phone usually isn't charged up because "it's just for emergencies." Plus, my Dad can't hear on the cell phone, and Clara can't talk on the cell phone if she's driving...and she does all the night driving. They did make it home around 1:30 in the morning, and are so pleased with themselves that they will probably try to do it again another time. Eeek!

And the other sorta negative thing is that Melody, the photographer girl, backed up to take a picture, and ended up backing into a candle...and went all Michael Jackson on us. Without the Pepsi. Her beautiful, long hair got too close to the flame, and caught on fire!


She's a college freshman, so 18 or 19 years old....and HER HAIR IS ON FIRE!

Props to the restaurant manager who came back to check on us and just "happened" to be standing there when it happened. She put the fire out with her bare hands. Like, she patted it out on Melody's back WITH HER BARE HANDS.

What a woman!

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Fast and furious and unpredictable. Shelley and Dave seemed to have a GREAT time, and we were so touched by Dave's words for everyone at the conclusion of the meal. They are a great example of a Godly and loving marriage.

I am so tired. And so very thankful. I love my family.

"The LORD is my strength and song..." Psalm 118:14

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