Monday, March 17, 2014

"Reflect Jesus to Them"


I typed out a text to my 18 year old son this morning after he left for school. He might not listen to me when I talk, but he will read my text.

Or WILL he?

We hadn't had "words." We weren't arguing. I was just burdened for him this morning as he left. He had to know. He has to know...that he needs to be real; that there's accountability here.

I typed it out. Fast and furious at first. It got longer and longer. I stopped and took a breath. I re-read what I had written and I deleted it all.


Because my goal is not for him to know I'm right...WHICH, I WAS RIGHT. There could be little question about that. But I am the adult...and he is the child. Even if he's 18...and how can you expect a child to know all that an adult knows?

Kids, when they aren't thinking their parents are all dumb as wood, think most other grown-ups are wise.

But...maybe it's just that we've learned from our mistakes.

I question myself with my children, now that they are older...what to say, how to handle things, when to step in, when to let thing be. It was so much easier when they were young.

In the end, I decided not to send my text. I'm praying for God to provide opportunities for us to just talk. Like, in person. And I pray that he will be receptive to what I have to say.

I pray the same for myself.

He's a good kid. All four of ours are good kids. I'm thankful to be their Mom...but they have much to learn.

Then again...don't we all?

A lot of it will be by trial and error on their part. They'll try and fail...they'll try and learn.

I sat down this morning after my son left and just thought about the situation I was trying to deal with this morning.

I pray for wisdom.

I opened up my lap-top and read this post, and it reminded me that my goal for my child is their changed heart...and only God can do that.

Reflect Jesus to them.

Because, really, as much as I want to help my kids...the Voice I really want them to hear is not mine...

But HIS.

"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me..." John 10:27

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