Friday, September 20, 2013

Joshua on the Arkansas Razorbacks

Joshua loves him some Arkansas Razorbacks. You'll never find a truer, more loyal fan.

Unless they're losing.

Then he's gone.

And he's mad.

We got a new coach this year...Bret Bielema. He's from Wisconsin. I know, right? Seems like such a great fit to bring a coach from "up north" down here to the South.

Anyway, apparently he had this "thing" he did up in Wisconsin, where he wore a windbreaker or some sort of long-sleeved top for every game...and he attributed that to his winning streak. Okay. I get that. But, on September 7? At War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas? It was 110 degrees down on the field...and Bret Bielma had on that stinkin' windbreaker. And it was worrying Joshua to no end.

We won the game, but every mistake the Razorbacks made, Joshua would proclaim..."Samford wouldn't have made that touchdown if Bielema wasn't wearing that windbreaker." And, "Samford wouldn't have scored 21 points if Bielema wasn't wearing that windbreaker." And, "That may be how you did it in WISCONSIN...but you're in Arkansas now, and we don't wear windbreakers when it's 100 degrees outside."

And then there were various other Downsy bad words (we think) that he muttered under his breath. He was so frustrated!

Joshua really does love the HOGS. And he likes Coach Bielema. And no one is pulling for a great season more than Joshua.

Joshua told me yesterday, "next week, we play A&M...AT A&M. I said, "eeek! I hope we win (because Big Mama...hello?). Joshua said, "first things first...we have to beat The Ruggers (Rutgers).

Go Hogs! Beat the Ruggers!

"A friend is always loyal..." Proverbs 17:17 

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