Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Goat

So, I've been in a little funk since the events that occurred in my Sunday School class this week. Not bitter about anything...just kinda sad. Hurt my heart so much.

But today, I drove Joshua into LR to his Therapeutic Recreation program. That's 35-40 minutes each way, he and I...and I just never know what the topic of conversation will be. I enjoy this time so much! We talked about today being Aunt Shelley's Dad's funeral, and how we were the only family unable to attend. Joshua said, "well, the rest of the family will have to share the burden for them...and we will share the rest in prayer."

I usually have the radio on KLOVE, but when he talks, I turn it down. But if he hears a song he likes, he reaches over and turns it up no matter WHAT we are talking about! I just don't want to miss a thing that he says...he is such a sweetie and he really makes my morning. And, you may have heard the phrase, "friends don't let friends clap on 1 and 3." Well, Joshua claps or snaps on 1.76 and 2.14 and 3.84. NO rhythm whatsoever. He cracks me up!

Today, Joshua's group went to the Heifer International Headquarters in downtown Little Rock to present a check for the funds they raised to buy a goat.

You read that right. A goat.

Not gonna lie, when the director of the program told me their group had finally raised enough money to buy a goat...all I could think of was the "class hamster" that every family had to take a turn with all during 5th grade. What were we gonna do with a GOAT at our house?

But it wasn't for us. OR for their group.

Since 1944, Heifer International has been working to end poverty and stop world hunger. A gift to Heifer helps provide livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle for reliable sources of food and income. 

Joshua's group had a big time there. There was a small media presence and all of his friends all dressed up appropriately for the occasion. There were lots of pictures taken. Everyone was so proud. And the donation ceremony ended up being on TV tonight!

After the presentation, they ate lunch in the Heifer cafeteria. I asked Joshua what he ate, and he said, "a buh-guh." He said, "I ordered it plain, but it didn't come plain...and I didn't COM-plain." He thought it was so funny and ended up saying it 3 or 4 MORE times, just to be sure I "got" it. I got it, dude. I told him that some things are easy to just pick off. He said, "there was lettuce, and egg-looking cheese...and bacon. I didn't mind the bacon, but I DID mind the lettuce and the egg-looking cheese." (which, I gotta say...does sound kinda gross to me). I said, "were there pickles on it?" Joshua has a long-standing hate of pickles on his buh-guhs. He said, "no...no hot pickles." And that's it right there. He told us one time, a lonnnnng time ago, that he "didn't want no hot pickles" on his buh-guh.

So, there you have it.

After lunch, the director decided that they would walk the "medical mile" around the Clinton Library area. None of them were dressed in the appropriate shoes, so you can imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth about THAT. Well, except for Joshua. This morning, he got in the car with his khaki's, black shirt and black dress shoes...and his nylon back-pack. I asked him what was in there, and he said, "tennis shoes, socks and a t-shirt...and some other stuff." I told him not to forget and leave it anywhere, and he said he wouldn't...that he would keep it on his back the whole time and he would be "hands free."

(you know...because it's on his back...)

He's so funny.

AND SO PREPARED. He is addicted to this Listerine mouth spray and keeps one with him at all times. He said, "after lunch, I ran out of the green mouth spray you got me at Kroger, so I threw it in the trash...but I brought a SPARE in my BACKPACK." And then, as they started the walk, he said, "I'm not walking in these shoes." He said he sat right down and pulled out his tennis shoes from his BACKPACK...and was one happy camper!

Pays to be prepared.

I love this program and am so thankful Joshua gets to participate. It not only gets them out in the community for others to see and get to learn that people who are different can still participate in activities...and it helps the participants socially, and also teaches them the value of service, and about getting involved with things that affect their community.

"The righteous care about justice for the poor..." Proverbs 29:7

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