Thursday, September 26, 2013

Joshua-Boot Camp and the Fire Station

Today's activities for Joshua's group included Boot Camp and a visit to the Fire Station.

He was sooo excited to meet his group this morning! He wore his red, sleeveless Under Armor shirt and his black and red shorts. And he spiked up his own hair. He looked AWESOME and strong!

As the little oriental man at the nail shop used to say, "Schnazzy!"

Holly went with me today. She got her hair done, and then we had lunch and shopped until it was time to pick up Joshua. It was a fun day!

The leader of the Boot Camp, the Black man with the bald head and the green shirt (we found out his name is Mr. Lee) had different stations set up around the floor where they were working out: push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, free weights, bar weights, jumping jacks and running. He would blow his whistle when it was time to change. Joshua worked out a little too hard and got a little over-heated. He said, "I thought I was gonna PUKE up my breffas." (breakfast) Fortunately, the Director noticed him looking a little pale, and told him to go drink some water. Joshua loved Boot Camp, but boy! It was a work-out! Next week, they are doing Hip-Hop!

After that, they came back to the Center and had lunch. I had packed last night's left-overs for Joshua's lunch. Not only does the boy love to work-out...he loves left-overs more than any one person should. You just don't know. He calls them "re-runs." 

So he had re-runs of pork tenderloin, rice, green beans, a garlic biscuit and a brownie. And a drink. He said that the first thing he did was hide the brownie from Jenni. He is normally a gentleman, and offers his dessert, or a part of it, to Jenni. Or to any of his other friends.


He said he ate every bit of his lunch, and then busted out the brownie at the end when no one was looking. He said, "I hid my brownie from know how she is."

After they got through with lunch, they loaded up the vans and went to the local fire station. Joshua LOVED it. They saw the Bay area and all the equipment. They toured the living/sleeping quarters. They got to climb up in the fire trucks. He had a great time!

Tonight, I went up and helped some of the football moms stuff goody bags for the boys. Tomorrow, we have a HOME game...and, best of all, LOGAN is coming home!

"I will praise You every day..." Psalm 145:2

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