Thursday, September 12, 2013

Holding Hands

At Arkansas' Children's Hospital this week, I saw a lot. In the past 15 years that Clark has been going's been even longer for Joshua...there have been so many changes. The campus has gotten bigger and better!

When we went for Clark's appointment, they had moved his clinic to a different a nice lady walked with us and showed us the way. She took us thru some areas I had never seen: a new play area...and an atrium that was GORGEOUS. I just know that having peaceful and pleasant surroundings are so soothing to families who are in difficult situations with their children.

I remember when Clark was in the hospital, we would put him in a little red wagon, along with his special blankets, and take him for walks around the hospital...IV poles and all. Some of the areas of the hospital have such great views that it's almost like you're outside, but you're not...great for many patients if they can't handle being outside, or if the weather is not cooperating.

While sitting in the waiting room, we saw lots of kids. Not gonna lie...seeing some of those little bald heads really took me back. UGH. And while some of the kids were weak and exhausted with the rigors of their disease, others were literally RUNNING AROUND the waiting room...wearing their masks, IV lines taped up and all...HOPE even in the hard days.

One family came in...a Mom and two brothers. One boy was the obvious patient. They stood there, the 3 of them, at the computer, while the mom checked them in. They had their backs to us...and the brothers? They were holding hands.


It was the sweetest thing ever...because...brothers? And these brothers were definitely past the age where they would hold hands. Now they might have been in a knock-down-drag-out before they got there...but one was sick, and when push comes to shove...they are brothers. That one snap-shot stayed in my mind all day.

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born to help in time of need." Proverbs 17:17

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