Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some People Are Just Harder to Love

Joshua's "group" went to a dinner playhouse today. It's one of their favorite things to do. They typically go one time each semester. They all dress up for this outing, and it's a BIG DEAL. This place has a buffet meal WITH DESSERT. And Joshua gets coffee.

Just wanted to be sure you got that!

He feels so grown-up going there. Probably because his group typically goes during the day shows...and there are mostly older adults at the day shows.

Last night, he was talking about who all might be coming. Some of his friends who don't typically come to his Therapeutic Recreation group will come to this outing. He was already wondering if "Bossy Amy" would be there. Her name is just Amy. I think she used to be a part of the program, but now only comes for the special outings because she's...well...BOSSY. Aggressively so. He said that if she was there, he was going to tell her, "Bossy Amy, you are not the boss of ME."

Jim picked him up today, so he got to visit with him during the prime talking time...all the way home. But once Joshua had been home a while and had gotten settled, he came downstairs to tell me about his day. At one point, he said there was some "drama" (BIG surprise...except NOT) between some of the girls. And it involved Bossy Amy. But Joshua, ever the little mediator, told them all, "well, God tells us we have to love everyone, and that includes Bossy Amy. No exceptions."

Pretty good advice, huh? And interesting how all people struggle with this.

He went on, "some people are easy to love and some people are hard to love...Bossy Amy is just harder to love."

And they all agreed.

"...we should love one another..." 1 John 3:11

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