Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

We had a great weekend, but I tired!

When you are of a certain age, you probably have kids of a certain age...and that certain age would be HIGH SCHOOL.

And that might mean LATE FOOTBALL PRACTICE on the Friday before a holiday...and EARLY FOOTBALL PRACTICE on the Monday of a holiday.

I've been thinking some baaaaaaad thoughts about our football coach.

Because, seriously? Could we not have practice from, like, 6-8 p.m.? So that we could at least sleep in and enjoy the day? So we wouldn't have to leave a destination a day early in order to get home?


Okay...enough ranting.

We had a great weekend. We headed down to Texas to spend time with my family. As I may have mentioned, we weren't able to leave on Friday, but we did get up and leave early on Saturday morning. Jim said we were leaving "NO LATER THAN 7:30 A.M.," so when my son came rushing in after picking up his friend and it was exactly 7:30...and Jim was standing in the kitchen, wearing only shorts, making himself toast and eggs...well, you just had to know that would set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Also, don't know if I wrote about this, but Jim and Joshua had been victims of a hit-and-run accident last weekend. Someone ran into them...stopped...looked at them...and then jumped the curb and drove off from the scene! Fortunately, Jim and Joshua were not hurt...but we are down a car. So, Jim and I went and picked up a rental early last week. It's a small SUV, and it's been great to drive around here in town.

But Jim decided that we would drive it to Texas...nevermind the fact that there was going to be 5 adult-sized people in this vehicle. And our luggage. For 7 hours.

At this point, I totally realize this is a first-world problem, and waaa, waaa, waaa...but we have a perfectly good Suburban just sitting in the driveway that would fit all of us, AND OUR LUGGAGE, comfortably. Just sayin.

But we loaded the smaller vehicle. Joshua got the very small "jump seat" in the way back...his choice. Thankfully, he's "travel-sized" like me, and doesn't need a lot of leg room. Wherever he sits, in any car, he likes to have his "area," and there was just room enough for him to have a place for his phone, ipod touch and shoes (he always takes his shoes off in the car). The other two sat in the middle seats. And all the luggage was crammed wherever.

And we made it just fine.

We really missed Logan and Morgan being with us, but it was their college's first home game, and they didn't want to miss that! And I don't blame them! And Holly and Aaron took their own car.

We had a great time in Arlington. We got to see one of my sisters, my brother, my Dad and his wife...and many of our nieces and nephews. We stayed less than 24 hours. LESS.THAN.24.HOURS.

But it was oh so worth it...

I love my family...which is why we drove so long for such a short visit.

I love my family...which is why we all went together...and all came home support our young football player.

Hello, September!

"LORD...You are my cup of blessing..." Proverbs 16:5

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