Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Mature Clothes

Joshua has been on a kick lately about wanting "more mature-er clothes."

I think it started sometime last year. They had a Valentine Ball at the Therapeutic Recreation center where he attends each week. In the process of talking about what snacks they wanted and how they would decorate, they had a session on what to wear...dress up clothes. And they had a talk about what type of clothing is appropriate...things that fit, things that cover up, things that are clean, etc.

Joshua has always loved clothes. When he was little, he would change clothes 5 times a day. OR MORE. Joshua loved red. EVERYTHING he picked out to wear was red or had red in it. I remember going to Wal-Mart and buying 5 red "polo" type shirts...if he was going to wear the same type of thing every day, it was going to be clean! I thought I was going to lose my mind some days, but there were just so many other issues to deal with that were more important.

Joshua loves to dress up, too. The times he and Jenni have gone on a special date, or he's had an event to speak at...he is dressed to the nines! About the only thing he doesn't like wearing is a tie..mainly because he says it "chokes" his neck.

So, as the summer was ending and the fall semester was in sight, Joshua started talking about wanting some "more mature-er" clothes.

Side note: Joshua tends to add "more" to certain words. Like, the bananas at Kroger are "more bigger." Or, he sat outside to get "more tanner." Things like that. Makes us all smile.

Makes us more happier.

(He also adds "er" to things like more "mature-er" clothes)

Over the weekend, Joshua told me that he had been LOOKING ON THE INTERNET for "more mature-er clothes..." and did I want to see what he likes? Not gonna lie...I was more than a little nervous wondering what in the WORLD I was going to see.

Thankfully, it was Old Navy...whew!

And the clothes were really t-shirts...and the t-shirts he'd picked were solid color v-necks. :)

I went yesterday and bought 4 of them, and I have a happy young man!

"If God so clothes the grass of the field...will He not much more clothe you...?" Matthew 6:30

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