Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Update

We've had such a fun weekend.

I think I wrote on Friday afternoon about how nervous I was about our high school football game. Mainly about Clark playing in it, but also for all of the boys on both sides. I just want everyone to be safe.

There were some injuries...mainly on the opposing side. It's always hard and sometimes heart-breaking to see that.

We had some friends come sit with us for the game. It was great to have that support for us and for Clark. Our team ended up winning (yay), and Clark did well. I was feeling kinda sad for the other team. I mean, we lived in that town for 5 years, and Logan played for that coach. OF COURSE, I wanted US to win...I was just feeling bad for everyone on the other side.

But then I saw the banner in the student section that said, "Conway Sucks," and I didn't feel AS bad. Someone's gotta lose, right? :)

So thankful for God's protection on Friday night.

We hung out here on Saturday. Jim and Clark mowed and I worked a little in the house. Not much. Our air conditioner has been out ALL WEEK and it's been HOT here. Not trying to complain. It could be a lot worse. I mean, it's been bearable. We hope to get our new unit tomorrow...YAY!

On Saturday night, we ran out to get a quick bite of dinner at a local restaurant before the Arkansas and Arkansas State games. When we walked in, Clark pointed out a young man with Down Syndrome sitting with his family on the other side of the restaurant.

We can all pick 'em out.

Anyway, we were seated at the back. From where Jim was sitting, he could kinda sorta see the young man and his mom and dad. At one point, the dad took the boy to the restroom and I had to resist the urge to ask Jim to take Joshua at the same time...because...AWK!

But when Joshua finished half of his meal, he did what he always does...stopped and asked for a to-go box. The boy loves left-overs more than any human being on the planet. He almost always just eats half of an order...and then boxes up the rest to have later (He ended up having his left-overs for  lunch today). Anyway, when he is finished with half of his meal, he will get up and go to the bathroom.

Before he got up, I told him that there was a boy sitting over that way...who had Down Syndrome, just like him. I said, "I don't know if you know him...if you do, you can say hi."

(I think it's an established fact that Joshua pretty much knows everybody)

Well, we watch and Joshua walks with purpose toward the doors that lead to the bathroom. At one point, he stops, and stares at the boy and his family for a long time. Just stands there. Jim could see the parents looking at Joshua, and talking with each other after Joshua walked into the restroom. When Joshua came out, after a few minutes, he again stopped...and stared at the family. Then he walked a few steps, stopped, and looked at them again. Finally, he heads our way...but he turns his head as he walks, continuing to look at the family, like a beauty pageant girl will turn her head to look at the judges while she walks across the stage.


When he got back to his seat, Joshua said, "I looked at him and thought, 'I don't think I know him,'" and went to the bathroom. When I came out, I looked at him again and thought, 'nope...still don't know him...AND he's staring at me. That's weihhhhhhrd. I better go.'"

Funniest thing ever!

Today (Sunday) we had a good day. We went to SS and church, and hung out here all afternoon. Holly and Aaron came over. Clark had a friend over. We all went out for dinner. Just a nice, sweet day.

As always, I miss Logan and Morgan...and I'm praying for them to have a good week. Tomorrow, Clark has a JV football game. Yay!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

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