Friday, September 6, 2013


So, tonight is our first "official" high school football game of the season. I'm soooo excited! And soooo nervous!

My family, and anyone else who knows me well, knows that I have a love/hate relationship with football. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...but when one of my boys is playing, my stomach is a nervous wreck. I guess it's because both of our youngest boys have been injured during football games.

I have a healthy respect for the game, and for the training that is involved on the part of the athlete...strength training, agility exercises, stretching, hydration...and practice, practice, practice. I also have a healthy respect and appreciation for the trainers and therapists who work hard to keep the athletes in top shape.

Last night, I met at the field-house with some of the other moms. We made posters to hang in the field-house, and treat-bags for the boys to have after the game. Some of the cheer/dance girls were there, and they made signs for the boys' lockers. This is something the moms usually do, but we decided to involve the spirit groups this year. In typical teenage-girl style, the girls had to GO BUY AIR FRESHENER to spray in the locker room before they could go in there...they said it smelled "soooo bad!"


Three of my kids are boys. I have smelled more awful things during my years as their Mom than you can imagine. The smell of their athletic pads, cleats, soccer shin-guards (who knew they could smell that bad)...could make a grown man cry. In fact, a football sock found stuffed up under the backseat once rendered our car inhabitable for an entire weekend.

Blech...just the thought of it is enough to jump-start a vomit.

But I love my bowies. I can't wait for tonight...and I can't wait for tonight to be over! Of course, I hope all the boys stay safe, on both sides...and I realllllly hope we win. We are playing our rival school...the one that we just moved from. Eeek!

I haven't posted pictures on here because...well, I tried once and it didn't work, so now I'm at the mercy of the tech gods (my kids) to help me figure it out. BUT, I am on Instagram (martythemoose) and on (the) Twitter (@MooseTheMarty) and Facebook (Marty Logan Garland).


"...the LORD blesses His people with peace." Psalm 29:11

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