Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lazy Day and a HOG WIN

No, you didn't read the title wrong.

We had a lazy day today. Clark came home last night and it was SO GOOD to see him. Faith-the-girlfriend decided to stay at school, because she had plans with one of her girlfriends...well, it's a long story and you guys don't care. ANYWAY, we miss her being here, but we love having Clark all to ourselves. :)

Jim and I got up this morning and made a "big" breakfast. Clark didn't get up until 11, but I had left everything out and he ate it then.

We basically planned our day around the Razorback game, which was at 2:30. Holly and Aaron came over, and we all planted ourselves in various chairs...and that's how we basically spent 4 hours of the afternoon.

Except that EVERYONE predicted that we would lose, and when we started staying with Ole Miss score for score, I started getting all I made those peanut-butter chewies (with the cornflakes), and then I made these white chocolate oatmeal cookies...and then I made Reindeer Cookies for our Christmas Choir practice tomorrow.

Some people vacuum...I bake.

When it looked like the game would be over soon, Jim ordered pizza. And when it was getting really good, it was time to go GET the pizza.


Also, we had gotten 4 new tires for Clark's car, and we had to go pick it up, too, so we decided to do it all at once.

None of us wanted to miss the game, but we turned it on the car. We picked up Clark's car at the tire place, and then Jim headed to get the pizza...and Clark and I headed to get gas in his car...and to run into Kroger real quick. We kept the radio going while getting gas, and then you have never seen two people fly through the grocery store like we did.

We listened to it all the way home, and got in the house just in time to see our last possession of the overtime...and the win. We all went nuts, and Joshua about lost his mind.

It was great, because after the Hogs scored that last touchdown, Joshua said, "they need to go for 2." And JIM said, "NO, DON'T go for 2 in overtime."

And then the announcer said, "looks like they are going to go for 2." And I seriously wish I could've captured the look of satisfaction on Joshua's face.

And then we went for 2. And then we won.

So, BAM.

Weekend made.

Clark's home and the Hogs won...just wish Logan and Morgan had been here! :)

"It is good to give thanks to the LORD..." Psalm 92:1

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