Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After Thanksgiving: The HOGS Won!

So today has been a very lazy day at our house. Aaron-the-son-in-law made it back from Georgia, so Holly went home to meet him. They came back here in time to watch the HOGS play at 1:30.

I have not been feeling well, off and on, and my sister thinks I have "sympathy pregnancy symptoms." Or something along those lines. Honestly, I do feel icky like I did when I was pregnant. What in the world? Is that even a thing?

All I know is that my mashed potatoes are life-sustaining...Holly has eaten them 2 or 3 times today.

And then, when she was hungry for something and nothing sounded good...I rattled off suggestions of everything we had in the frig. The only thing that made her perk up was when I offered mac-and-cheese. She said, "do you have any?" I said, "no," and then jumped up to make some for her.


Or, as my niece, Lily, used to say when she was little, "from scrap."

The HOGS beat the pants off the Missouri Tigers, and we were more relieved than excited. But we were excited, don't get me wrong! It was just the first game in a lonnnng time, where I don't remember going from exhilaration to about to have a heart attack before the game ended.

The real winners, in my opinion, were the fans, who braved the wind and the rain and the cold, and cheered loud...and stayed until the very end.

After everyone went home, Jim and the boys gave me a little time to myself. I got my second wind...and started moving furniture and bringing down the Christmas bins. They did offer to help, but their idea is to bring down everything all at once and dump it in a big pile. Which, that would be really sweet, but that's not how I work. I don't like to have a huge mess for days. I'd rather bring things down a little at a time, and work at my own pace.

They don't understand that because they are hunters. They hunt the boxes in the attic, bring down as many as they can carry in one trip...and then check it off their list.

No thank you. That stresses me out.

The main thing I wanted to do this week was to take our family picture for our Christmas card...and it's just not working out. When the weather was good, not all of our family could be here. And now that they are all agreeable to get together...the weather is awful.

I know, I know...not a huge deal in the big scheme of life.

And now, the main thing I need to do is to somehow make everyone eat ALLTHEFOOD that is in our refrigerator. Who knew I had this much Rubbermaid? Ha!

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God." Colossians 3:16

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