Friday, November 6, 2015

Jenni Doesn't Like Sandwiches

I was packing Joshua's lunch the other day, when he came rushing into the kitchen...breathing hard. His excited breathing. He was holding his phone.

He said that Jenni-the-girlfriend had just called to tell him that she didn't have time to pack her lunch, and COULD WE RUN BY MCDONALD'S AND PICK UP SOMETHING FOR HER LUNCH?

"Ummm...NO. You can have a Coke."



I said, "no I am NOT running to McDonald's for her...she can eat what you're having."

Which, girlfriend scored, because I was sending re-runs (what Joshua calls left-overs) of roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy, a slice of whole wheat bread...and a cookie. Oh, and one of my highly coveted Sparkling ICE waters."

He told her, and she said she guessed that would be okay.

Oh. Well...GOOD.

We got to the Therapeutic Rec Center, and the staff met me at the door. Turns out that Jenni had PLENTY of time to pack her lunch...she just didn't want the peanut-butter sandwich her mother offered her. But she didn't tell her mother that...she just texted some of the staff at TR to ask if they would bring her something. They offered to make her a PB&J sandwich, but she didn't like that option.

She apparently texted the Director of the TR program, and told her that she needed to go to the store to "get some better food" at the Center. Which, unless they are having a cooking class, food is not provided for Jenni's request went over about as well as you can imagine.

So then, she called Joshua.

And, then...because I didn't know the whole story, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. She knew that I would NEVER EVER want her, or any of the FRIENDS, to go without their lunch.

(the staff at the Center would never let that happen. They offered to make Jenni. She just didn't want that)

In the end...she liked her lunch. Her mom was embarrassed when she found out about all of it. And, the leaders at TR had a long talk with all the FRIENDS on being prepared, and on not asking others to do things for you that you are supposed to do for yourself.

These kids of ours...they can be very mature. They can also be little stinkers!

"Do everything without complaining and arguing..." Philippians 2:14

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