Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rhodie Meets His Great-Grandfather

On Saturday, we decided to make a quick trip to see my Dad.

My Dad and his wife, Clara, live in Tulsa. We've been wanting to go since Holly was okay-enough to travel with Rhodie, but we just haven't been able to work it out. The problem is...and this is a good problem to have...EVERYONE wanted to go.

So it was, "I can't go that day..." and "I can't go this day."

Finally, we decided to set a date when Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law could go...and just...GO.

That day was yesterday.

Holly and Aaron decided to take their own car, which I hated...but I completely understood. Nothing worse than feeling trapped with no way out.

We made it safely to Tulsa...Jim, Joshua, and me...and the rest of the crew arrived in about 40 minutes.

My Dad has Parkinson's. He is very bent-over, and very weak. He typically needs help getting out of his chair...and sometimes he needs help pushing it back...if he wants to put his feet up.

When Holly and Aaron walked in, Holly was carrying Rhodes. She took him over to see Clara, who was thrilled beyond belief. Clara took him out of Holly's arms, and walked over to my Dad. She knelt down in front of him, and placed Rhodie on his lap. My Dad smiled at him, and Rhodie grinned real big.

My Dad's chin got all quivery, and I thought, "oh, dear...please don't cry." But he did.

He looked at Clara, with big tears coming out of his eyes. He whispered, "he's just so cute."

And that's how I died. It's been nice knowin' ya. Thank you for your time.

Because there's not much that ever made my Dad cry...when I was growing up. But now, with his Parkinson's and his meds and all...he cries more often. He knows his frail condition, and he knows he's not getting better. This is everything he never wanted. He is a care-taker and a care-giver. He would GLADLY take care of Clara....or me...or anyone in our family. He never wanted Clara to have to take care of HIM.

He tries to talk serious with us, at times...about his health, his mortality...and he will cry. He prays for our families, and he will cry.

It's sweet, but MAN...kinda hard to take.

My Dad asked if Rhodie had brown eyes. "No, sir," Holly said. "He has blue eyes like Aaron and I." My Dad said, "oh, well...I was hoping for a little Skipper (my Dad's name is Skip)...but he's just the first one. Maybe next time."

We stayed a few hours, and got some pictures. And then we headed home. It's a 4 hour drive each way.

On the way home, we stopped at a Braum's...and I had to go through the pretense of splitting a chicken sandwich with Jim, when all I really wanted was the ice-cream.

At Braum's, all anyone ever wants is the ice-cream.

"My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever." Psalm 73:26

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