Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plantation People, Cookies, and Adam & Eve

Today has been a good day.

A very good day.

It started out like most Tuesdays...with Joshua and I getting ready, and heading to his Therapeutic Recreation.

Today, their outing was to the Plantation Agriculture Museum. They learned about growing and picking cotton, and the things that are made out of cotton. Joshua said that it wasn't easy to pick cotton. I asked, "why?" He said, "because of the thorns. "They got to see how cotton grows...they saw some plows and other equipment used in the cotton fields. Their tour-guide told them that the men who used these plows developed large calluses and blisters on their hands.

This led to a long discussion on the way home...about how Papaw Genie (Jim's Dad) has rough and callused hands, because he works outside in his yard and garden. And how PawPaw Skip (my Dad) has very soft hands, because, in Joshua's words, he was "more of a military-type man."


I asked Joshua if his lunch was okay. If you're new here, you probably don't know that Joshua? He's not much of a "sandwich guy." He likes a "hot" lunch...or one that can be warmed up in the microwave. He really likes to take re-runs (what he calls left-overs) in his lunch, and he plans his lunch the night before...trying to make sure there will be enough dinner left-overs for him. He starts getting verrrrrry nervous if the family keeps eating, and there's nothing left.

But the note for today said to bring a "picnic" lunch. This is code for, "no microwaves or refrigerators." So bring something that doesn't need to be refrigerated or warmed-up.

I sent a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, a small bag of chips, and two cookies. I sent two cookies, because Jenni-the-girlfriend was going to be there today, and he likes to take a cookie for her. Last week, Jenni didn't come on Tuesday, and so Joshua ate both cookies himself. Or, as they say around here, "his own self."

That was not the plan, Joshua.

I asked him about the cookies today. He mumbled something about "wanting it to be fair for Jenni." I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, because ONE for him...ONE for her. It's not that hard to be fair. Plus, I chose two cookies that were nearly identical in size. Yes, even the FRIENDS will notice things like that! Ha!

He said, "to be fair, I broke one cookie in half, and we each had two halves." I said, "why did you break a cookie in half?" He said that one cookie had broken in transit, so "to be fair," he broke the other cookie in half...and they each ate two halves of one cookie. I asked him why he just didn't give her the unbroken cookie...and then he could eat the broken cookie...since it was the same amount of cookie. He just stared at me and blinked...and I swurrr I heard crickets chirping.

And then I wondered why I was trying to be logical. JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH, MARTY.

Then, he kind of told on himself. He said, "I wasn't expecting for the "plantation people" to have dessert for us (this was after he told me that he ate his cookie)! He said they made cobbler for the FRIENDS. He thought it was "apple" cobbler, but I think it was probably peach. He said the "plantation people" told the FRIENDS that the oven cooking the cobbler was over 400 degrees. I said, "wow! That's as hot as the surface of the sun!" I was just popping off about that. Joshua said, "wey-yull...the sun is more hotter than that."

Boy, do I feel silly.

He then went into a long theological discussion of several Biblical events, including the end of the world...and how if the earth went to 400 degrees, "cops and all of the first responders" would die. I said that we would ALL die, because our bodies are not made to handle that type of heat. I told him that, at Christians, we don't need to worry about HOW or WHEN the world will end...because we know that we will be with Jesus, no matter what. He said that he was mainly worried that God would have a slide show of everything he had done wrong, and that that would be "brutal."

And then he said, "things would be more better if Adam and Eve had just done what they were told."


Y'all...I'm not judging, but parents...PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES when your kids are in your car. I see so many cars on the road...full of kids, or even with one kid, and the mom will be on her phone. And listen...I know. There are appointments to be made, and things to schedule, and people to check on. I GET IT.

I'm older now, but even when mine were younger...if they were in my car...I did not want to be on my phone. There's the safety reason, for sure...but I just didn't want to miss anything they might say. Or their friends might say. Taking kids to school...and ESPECIALLY when you pick them up from school...there is so much they will talk about...especially if you have snacks. And especially if you run to Sonic for happy hour, and then just sit in the car while they drink their slushy. 

When my kids were little, my friend and I would take turns picking up the kids from school. I appreciated it so much, but I was always afraid I had missed something on those days...because if your kids are like mine, once they tell a story, they are not likely to repeat it.

I drive Joshua to and from his Therapeutic Recreation three days/week. It's a 40 minute drive each way. There are a lot of things I could do during that time...even in the car. But I don't. I try to concentrate on him. If Joshua wants to talk...I even turn off my radio.

Life is short. Don't waste these moments.

"The LORD is my strength and my song..." Psalm 118:14

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