Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Never Trust A Fred

Yesterday was a fun day! I kept Rhodie all day while Holly was at work. It is such a gift she is giving us. :)

I was happy to have Joshua here as well. He likes to be a helper. At 12:15, I was still in my flannel pajammies. Joshua had eaten lunch. Rhodie had been fed and changed. I put him in his little bouncy seat ON THE FLOOR, and asked Joshua to sit beside him while I went back to change real fast.

And it was FAST. Like 3-4 minutes fast. Sweatpants...t-shirt...BAM. I carried my socks and shoes back into the family room, so I wouldn't be gone too long.

But, as I walked back in the room, I saw Joshua. He was sitting there on the floor beside the bouncy seat, HOLDING RHODIE.


I said, "Joshua...why did you take him out of his seat?" Joshua said, "he didn't want to be in it."


Joshua is allowed to hold Rhodes, but we are always RIGHT THERE. We make him sit on the couch, or in a chair. He never picks him up on his own, and he is never, EVER to walk around with him.

Which is why we have a saying around here...in our family. It's called, "never trust a Fred." 

Because his mind works differently from ours, and sometimes he doesn't want anyone telling him what he should do. And because sometimes he thinks he has a better idea. And because he wants to think he's big...and he is. And because he's 30 years old, and a 30 year old man should be able to hold a 3 month old baby if he wants to.

We had a great day, tho!

But, at bed-time, when I was getting into bed...I started feeling not good. It's happened before, and I can't really put my finger on what it is. I got up and walked around...I got a drink...I sat up in  bed...I did deep breathing. I finally went to sleep, and I woke up alive...so God must not be finished with me yet!

Still not feeling great today, but really no specific symptoms.

Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group went to the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame today...and then they went to eat at Purple Cow. It's a well-known, well-documented fact, that the FRIENDS all love them some lunch OUT. So, if you ask them what they did today, it would be something like, "blah, blah, blah, blah...we ate at Purple Cow."


The weather here today was SO NICE. I sat outside IN MY JEANS for about 25-30 minutes, and I did not melt.


I love Fall!

Speaking of Fall, on our way into LR, we have to cross over the Arkansas River. It's always a pretty view, but once the leaves change, the leaves on the trees that border the river turn the most gorgeous colors. This morning was beautiful. The sky was blue...the water was a darker blue. There's a mountain in the distance, that we could see clearly. I commented on how pretty everything looked. Joshua said, "the "fallage" hasn't gotten here yet, but when it does...it will be more prettier."

"It is He who changes the times and the seasons..." Daniel 2:21

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