Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trip To Tulsa

Jim had been telling me for months to think about what I wanted for our anniversary and my birthday this year. He said that these were "big ones" and I could have what I wanted.

Ooooooo...maybe a big ring? Or a fancy trip? Oh the possibilities are just endless!

UNLESS, you remember my post about our 35th wedding anniversary...back in May. We were at my sister's house to celebrate, and Jim had his head in the toilet throwing up. He had caught some sort of bug. So, if getting what I wanted on my "big" anniversary meant this prayer, "please, Lord, don't let the rest of us get the stomach virus" was answered, then, yes...I got exactly what I wanted.

Because, none of the rest of us got Jim's "bug."

Also, if you remember, we are sending our youngest child off to college in August. Annnnd, our middle son is starting Occupational Therapy School in August. So, if "be thinking what you want for your big birthday" means, "all of our money is going for our kids' educations," then...I got exactly what I wanted!

I did.

We are thankful we can help our kids and that really is all I want.

Well, that's not completely true: I did hope that I could see all 4 kids at some point. I did want to maybe have a piece of cake at some point. And I did hope that someone, anyone, would pick up the DEAD SPIDER that has been in the hallway for a WEEK.

So, check...on seeing the kids.

And, check...on having a piece of cake.


Anyone out there an "Everybody Loves Raymond" fan?

Remember the one with the suitcase? When they came back from a trip, the suitcase was left on the stairs...and it became a "standoff" between Ray and Deborah over who would take the suitcase up to their bedroom. And I'm here to tell you right now, I am not too mature to have a little standoff of my own over important theological issues...such as who will pick up dead spiders on the floor. I will wait you out, Mister...


Jim had talked about taking a trip up to see my Dad and Clara. So, on Saturday, Jim, Joshua and I...Aaron, Holly and Clark...all piled into my Honda Pilot...and headed up to Tulsa.

It was so good to see my Dad and Clara. My Dad is very feeble and it's hard for him to get around...UNLESS he's in his familiar surrounds of his home. He gets around pretty well there. And it was great to see Clara as well. She has a burden that I relate to so much. Not a "burden"-burden. It's just that she has my Dad heavy on her mind at all times, and I "get" that...because that's the way I am about Joshua.

Joshua is not a "burden," but he's never far from my mind. I think about where we go and where we park and if it's raining. I think about how long things will last and what time we ate and where the bathrooms are. I think about worse-case scenarios, and try to be prepared. I listen and learn and advocate for him. I am proactive. I am protective. I try to slow myself down and walk through life at his pace.

That's what Clara does with my Dad.

So, Jim and the guys went to the local Subway, and brought home sandwiches, and we ate at their house. And then we sat around the table for a good 2 hours, just talking and remembering times from the past...telling stories from when I was a girl...and stories from when the kids were much younger. It was so fun.

And then it was time to go. We drove 3 1/2 hours...stayed about 3 1/2 hours...and drove 3 1/2 hours home.

I am so thankful we made the trip, and I hope we can do it more often.

"Good news from a land far away is like cold water to a tired soul." Proverbs 25:25

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