Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Silicone Rings and My Angel Baby

I published part of this story on Facebook, so if you've already read it there...feel free to skip.

I was in line at Lifeway the other day, when the checker-lady commented on the ring I wear on my "ring finger." 

I haven't been able to wear my actual wedding ring for several years...due to an arthritic condition passed down from my grandmother (thanks a LOT, Mimi). I've had my wedding ring stretched a couple of times already. If I get it big enough to fit over my gigantic Shrek knuckle, it just spins around on the smaller part of my finger. 

Lovely, right?

I hope you aren't eating breakfast or anything.

ANYway, I've been wearing one of those silicone bands, because its soft and stretchy...and I've had no problems getting it off or on. 

And, they're $15. 


Which, I think it says a lot that I'm worth a whole $15...after being married for nearly 36 years.

These rings are marketed to really athletic people, and those who work in jobs where their metal rings might get caught on something. 

So the checker-lady commented on it, and I said, "well, I'M REALLY ATHLETIC...and this ring works better for my lifestyle." 

The whole time, she is nodding, like she believes I am really athletic...which got me thinking that maybe I COULD be really athletic. But then I realized that I really love cheese fries. 

ANYway, the checker-lady was nodding, and I said, "naw...I'm just kidding." And then I heard this really honest lady in line next to me go "mmm...mmm," as she looked me up and down. I looked over at her, and she said, "I'm glad you said you were kidding, because when I heard you say you were really athletic, I looked over...and thought mmm...mmm." 

And then she started laughing. So there's that.

Also, while we were in Lifeway, we saw one of those Willow Tree figurines. It was of a woman holding a baby. I said to Holly: "Awww look, isn't that sweet? That's gonna be me holding your baby!" 😜 She said, "Ummmm...I think that's supposed to be a MOM...holding HER baby." I was, like, "who said?" 

Because the figurine is of a tall, thin, brown-haired, yeah...basically me😜 


It COULD be a grandmother holding her grand-baby, right? 

I told Holly, "it says 'Angel of Mine' on the box...and your baby will be my sweet angel." She said, "it says 'Angel of MINE...' Not 'Angel of HE'S ALL MINE.'" 


"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

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