Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Review

When our son, Joshua, was born 30 years ago, his diagnosis was a surprise to our doctors...and to our family. We were not expecting it, and we were not prepared.

We scrambled to find information and support. People in the "special needs community" cautioned us to only read books and articles that were "current."

This was really before Google was the "go-to" for everything, so searching for "current" information was time-consuming and frustrating.

WHERE was the book that contained facts AND information for every stage of development?

Well, if you're a parent of a child who has Down Syndrome...THIS is that book by Mardra Sikora and Jen Jacob.

It's clear, concise, and easy to read. It very much acknowledges that, just as all individuals with DS have different abilities and personalities...there are different ways of helping them reach their potential. Not every "typical" child can grow up to be President, and not every person with DS is going to be the "poster child" in their community for their accomplishments.

And that's okay.

The fact that Mardra included REAL stories from REAL parents in her book made it a very practical and relatable resource for me.

I wish I had been given a book like this back when my son was born. It would've made the whole beginning process not quite as scary.

I highly recommend this book!

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