Wednesday, March 2, 2016

While Jim is Gone: Day 2

Joshua and I got up this morning, and got ready for church. I made a small can of cinnamon rolls...just to keep the routine going.

I debated on whether to sing in the early service. We go to small group first...during the early service. Jim typically drops me off at the door, and then goes to sit in the car with Joshua for 15 minutes or so. I sing in the early service choir...and then I head up to meet Jim in small group. Joshua is in a "singles" class, and they don't always arrive on that's why Jim waits with him until he is sure someone else comes.

With Jim being out-of-town, my debate was should I let Joshua go into his class early, even if no one else was there...and let him wait by himself...OR, have him come to choir with me, and just sit off-stage until we were done.

I gave him the choice. He chose to go to his class early and wait. He carries his phone with him each week, and he always texts me to let me know that others have arrived. He knows that we will meet him, and he can come into our class with us, if no one else shows up.

It all worked out. As I was walking Joshua to class, I saw one of his teachers...he was walking to class. THANK YOU, LORD. I sang in early service, and went up to my class. Jim had gotten a "sub" to teach for him, and we had a great lesson. And then I went into the sanctuary, put my Bible down on a seat in the general area where we usually sit...and went to choir.

When the choir walked out, I looked for Joshua first thing...and there he was! He likes to sit on the end, and even tho the man in front of him blocked my view of him, for the most part...I could still see him. When we had the "meet and greet" time, I saw Joshua shaking hands with everyone. It made me so happy.

One of the songs in our praise package was "Friend of God." Maybe you've heard it. Some of the lyrics say, "I am a friend of God...He calls me friend."

WELL. When we sing it along with the radio in my car, we sing, "I am a FRED of God. I am a FRED of God. I am a FRED of God...He calls me FRED."

"Fred" is Joshua's nickname, so when we sing it like this in our car...we sing it at the top of our lungs.

And then we LAUGH AND LAUGH.

As soon as the chorus started, I looked out at Joshua in the congregation. He was GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR.

I talked to him about it later. He said he almost sang it the "Fred way," but he didn't think God would find it too "hoo-mah-rus" if we changed the words around on a song that's about HIM.

And then he said, "what happens in the car...stays in the car," and I nearly died laughing.

We had another great message on what it means to be "authentic." At the end of the service, it was time for the offering. I saw Joshua put his Bible down and start to stand up. I grabbed his arm. Joshua has helped with the offering before, but only when Jim has been there to be on the opposite end of the rows. I said, "Joshua, are you taking up the offering?" He whispered, "yes, ma'am." I said, "DID THEY ASK YOU?" Because I could just see him thinking he was the "man of the house" and gonna do Jim's job for him. He whispered back, "yes, ma'am."

I love watching him. He takes it so seriously, which I appreciate. Last week, he was wearing one of his long-sleeved "Sunday shirts." He had unbuttoned it about 4 buttons down. He had on an "under-shirt," but he still looked like he should be singing on a stage in Vegas. All he needed was a thick, gold chain.


Jim told him that he couldn't take the offering anymore if he didn't button up his shirt...because it didn't look "nice." Please don't comment that clothes don't matter in the eyes of the Lord. We know this. This is just a personal, family preference.

This past Sunday, he wore a v-neck...and all was well. :)

I love him so much. The things he says? Most of the time, he's not meaning to be funny. He just...IS. And the innocent way he says it, sometimes makes it even better.

I grew up having a good sense of humor...I think it was passed down from my Mom. My siblings...they are all so fun, and so funny. When we are all together, we keep each other in stitches! I think it's so fun that God uses humor in our lives, and I love that, even with Joshua, God speaks to me and teaches the way I understand the best.

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy." Job 8:21

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