Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Logan's Clinical

This week, our middle son, Logan, had his first clinical of his Occupational Therapy classes. He got "randomly assigned" to a pediatric OT clinic in our old hometown.

I don't believe that was "randomly assigned" at all. I believe it was a God-thing. He planned it before the foundation of the world.

Altho we know many people there, I didn't know if there was someone I could ask for Logan to stay with...for a week. I thought of my friend, Ruth. She has a complete basement, and I knew that if she didn't have other company, she would probably agree. I called her, and OF COURSE she offered for Logan to stay with them.

He got there on Sunday night. He visited a little bit, and then went down to that he could get a good night's sleep and be ready to start his week off right. Morgan had sent little Rubbermaid containers of food and snacks for him. It was so cute! Logan didn't want Mrs. Ruth to think that she had to feed him, so he brought his own stuff.

On Monday night, we drove over and took him out for dinner. It was great to see him. On Tuesday night, Mrs. Ruth fixed dinner, and invited him to eat with her family. He really enjoyed visiting with all of them. He drove home to spend the night with Morgan on Wednesday night, because he missed her so much. We were back over there on Thursday go to dinner with Logan and Ruth's family.

I had offered to put Logan in a hotel for the week, but this was a lot better. He was able to relax, and feel comfortable and cozy in their home. As a Mom, it gave me great peace of mind to know that, even tho he's married and 24 years old, he was in a safe place with one of my friends kind of watching out for him. At night, he would go on a run, and then read up on the cases they would see the following day. Mrs. Ruth said that she would've been SO MAD if I had let him stay in a hotel!

I told Logan to pick up after himself, and to not take 30 minute showers at Mrs. Ruth's house. He said, "MOM, I'm a big boy...I know." He said, "I even made my bed, altho, for the life of me, I have never understood...even after all these years...the point of making a bed that I'm just going to crawl back into in a few hours."


Logan really enjoyed his week. He learned a bunch, and got some practical "hands-on" time with actual patients. He got an "excellent" rating from the OT he worked with, which made this Momma very happy! :)

Logan worked at one of the elementary schools in town all week. He said that seeing patients in a school setting was difficult for therapists...because you only get the kids for maybe 30 minutes at a time. And that includes the time walking down to their office. It's hard to see a lot of progress when you only have a short time to work with them.

His very first day...within the first 10 minutes of being of my friends we knew from when we lived there...a lady who worked in the cafeteria and looked after Joshua...texted me to say, "I JUST SAW YOUR LOGAN!" Turns out, she's an aide in the special ed room at this elementary school. Logan said they had old home week. THEN, one of the PTAs came in, and she graduated with THEY started talking...and then there was one other person he saw. The OT said, "do you just know EVERYONE here?"

Then, another friend of mine messaged me to say that she saw him at her school, and they got to talk.

Made me smile.

I don't know if Pediatrics will be for him...but who knows? This is just his first clinical rotation. His next one won't be until the Fall.

So very thankful for God's plan and provision for our Logan this week.

"But the Lord is in his holy Temple; the Lord still rules from heaven. He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth." Psalm 11:4

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