Friday, March 11, 2016

The Therapeutic Rec Hoe-Down: Joshua's Convo with Jenni

Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group had a little dance on Friday night.

A "hoe-down," as it were.

Joshua seemed pretty excited about it. After all, it was one of the ideas HE SHARED during one of their brain-storming sessions.

Joshua said he "couldn't find" his cowboy boots, but that it would be "okay because they probably wouldn't be comfortable anyway." I told him I would come upstairs and help him look for them. I figured for a couple of hours, his feet would be okay.

I turned his room upside-down. I looked in any and all places they could be IN OUR WHOLE HOUSE, and NO BOOTS.


He also "couldn't find" his cowboy hat.

I had a bandana for him to wear with his jeans and red shirt.

Well, Joshua texted me from upstairs to say that he'd "found" his boots "behind a pillow." I thought the whole thing was fishy to begin with. I don't think he wanted to wear them, and probably hid them from me...and then started to feel guilty about lying, so he told me that he'd found them.

Half-way to the dance, I looked back at Joshua: no cowboy cowboy boots...annnd I had forgotten to give him the bandana.

Guess what? He had a great time anyway!

We went to dinner while he was at the dance. When we got back to pick him up, he told us that he and Jenni had not danced together at all...but that that everything was fine. I got a picture of the two of them, and then we left.

After we got home, and after his shower, he apparently got a text from Jenni. I'm not sure what it said, but based on his response...I've got a pretty good guess.

He called her immediately, and left her this message: "um. NO, I DO NOT. Don't say things like that. I love you, and I will talk with you later."

It wasn't 2 minutes before she called him back. Here is part of the conversation Clark and I heard...and we only heard one side of it, obviously. 

Joshua: "No, I don't want to break up with you, Jenni...why would you say that?"

Joshua: "Are you upset with me because we didn't dance together at the Tim Tebow prom...OR tonight at the hoe-down?

Joshua: "I would never break up with you. I'm not that dumb. I would rather walk away than break up with you."



And this: "If we did break up, we don't need to tell anyone about it. But I don't want to break up."

And then this statement that defied all the logic in the world:

"I'm sorry I didn't dance with you tonight. I knew I should have...I didn't think about it."

He KNEW he should have...but said he didn't think about it.

But he KNEW he should he MUST'VE thought about it, right?


He made it all okay, even tho there was really nothing to make okay. Jenni has a BALL at these dances. At the first note of the very first song that's played, she runs off and leaves Joshua or her parents or her helper-girl or whoever she came with...standing there. And it's fine. She dances every dance...with someone, or by herself, and she is completely content. The same goes for Joshua. He danced with several of the girls, and everyone got along really well.

It's only when other people say things like, "you and Joshua didn't dance together all night? That's strange." Or, "MAN, I would be upset if I didn't get to dance with my girlfriend..." that the wheels start turning...making them think that they've done something wrong.

Joshua and Jenni just don't think like that, typically. They, the FRIENDS in his Therapeutic Recreation group, they are family. They look out for each other, and don't typically have those jealous feelings. Oh, maybe a little...but not really.


But, all is well.

For now. (wink!)

"But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love." 1 John 4:8

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