Monday, March 7, 2016

While I Was Gone: Joshua

So, Jim had only been home a couple of days when I went out-of-town.

It's a RARE thing for me to be gone from my family.

But, my friend, Susan...she's one of my 3 friends who have recently been diagnosed with breast fixin' to have her mastectomy, and a few of us decided to go cheer her up. She suggested that we all meet in Branson...instead of driving all the way up to Kansas, where she lives.


I had to get Joshua all settled, because I was going to leave early on Tuesday morning, and wouldn't be back until Wednesday night.

Joshua spent the day hanging out with his sister. He went to a doctor's appointment with her, and then they met Jim for lunch. After lunch, he went to her house, and she pulled up the "Fuller House" show on The Netflix. She sent me a picture of Joshua. He was in ALL his glory, and grinning from ear to ear. She said he was about to COME UP OFF THE COUCH!

Later, she brought him over to our house, and they hung out here until Jim got off work. Then, they ordered Chinese food without me, which made me totally hate all of them. Joshua wrote a sweet Facebook post about it being the "best day of his life."

Well, alrighty then!

Seriously...I was so happy that he was happy and content.

On Wednesday, Holly took him to Therapeutic Recreation. I had told Jim that Joshua would need a picnic lunch, because they were going out to one of the parks for some light hiking, and they would eat out there. Picnic lunch means SANDWICH. Nothing that has to be warmed up in a microwave. Joshua said he came in the kitchen and looked around, and decided to pack his own lunch.

Whenever the FRIENDS go to the park, they always put their lunches in a large cooler. Well, one of the FRIENDS, for whatever reason, put his lunch in the wrong cooler...and when they got out to the park and were ready to eat, he didn't have a lunch. I asked Joshua if everyone shared with him, and he said, "one girl tried, but Ms. Sherrie said, 'no'"


I didn't really "get" that, especially if all the FRIENDS were willing to pitch in, but I also know that there are dietary restrictions that many of the FRIENDS have...and food allergies, etc. I'm sure there was a good reason. But when Joshua told his grandmother that one of the FRIENDS went without lunch, and that none of the FRIENDS were allowed to share? Mammaw Jack about lost her mind.

Also, they only stayed at the park about an hour after lunch, so he didn't starve.

Joshua said that some of the FRIENDS wanted to try one of the harder trails up the mountain. Just hearing him say that, I was thinking "that sounds iffy at best." Sure enough, it was too hard for 99% of the FRIENDS, so they walked on the flat trail at the they usually do.

Before they left, Ms. Sherrie said they could play on the little playground "for fun." One of the FRIENDS was showing out, fell on a piece of equipment, and hurt her knee. Then FRIEND #2 started bragging...and she tried to show out and prove that she could do it better than FRIEND #1...and SHE fell, too.

Oh, MY.

Silly, silly FRIENDS.

"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

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