Friday, March 18, 2016

Gardening, Cheering, Smooching, Eating, Running & a PBJ

I am so tired this week!

I think it's because that, for the last two weeks, Joshua has only gone to Therapeutic Recreation 1-2 days each week (because of the weather)...instead of the 3 days he normally goes. And then there's the time change. UGH.

On Tuesday, Joshua's words..."hanged around the Center" in the morning. They worked in their garden area, pulling weeds and getting things ready to plant. It was like a Michael Jackson festival out there. They don't have enough gloves for everyone to have their own they were each wearing ONE glove.

You better believe that after I dropped him off, I headed to my local Wal-Marks and picked up 5 extra pair of garden gloves. And I'll buy more when I find them!

They also painted some clay pots during their arts and crafts time.

After lunch, they headed to a local elementary school. The special needs class at this school was doing the last leg of their "Little Rockers" kids marathon, and our FRIENDS were going to run/walk/encourage them during their last mile.

The TR director, Ms. Sherrie, said that the ENTIRE SCHOOL came out to support the racers in this class. She said the kids had made signs, and were cheering for all of them the whole way.

I that not AWESOME? And INSPIRING? When does that type of support stop happening? Because, I think we all need it...special needs or not.

Can I get an AMEN?

On Wednesday, they "hanged out at the Center" until everyone got there. Joshua said Jenni-the-girlfriend was there, and he came up behind her and surprised her...and when she turned around, he gave her a big kiss, and they...AND I QUOTE..."had a make-out session right there."


Then he brushed his hands together, and said, "that should hold her over until after Spring Break," and walked off.

I am surprised that they kissed each other in public, because they are pretty private...but when he said, "make-out session," it wasn't a "make-out session" like maybe you and I would imagine...because it was right there in front of God and everyone.


And then they went OUT for lunch to the Dixie Cafe. It's a well-documented fact that there's not much the FRIENDS like more than eating out for lunch.

Unless it's eating out for dinner.

Or eating out for breakfast.

After lunch, they went to the park and walked a mile together.

Joshua's group has been invited to participate in a "reverse" marathon. They are going to walk 26.2 miles between now and the last TR session in May...and, if they all complete it, they will all get medals! They made a chart to keep up with their progress. They are all so excited!

And then, since they had done so well, Ms. Sherrie decided to treat them all to an ice-cream cup at Sonic. Joshua doesn't really like cold things like that, so he said he didn't want any. Ms. Sherrie told him she had one extra, and he apparently said, "okay, I'll eat it."

And he did.

On Thursday, they finished up their clay pots, and ate an early lunch at the Center. Joshua brought a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich in his lunch...and, when he called his grandmother on the way home, like he does every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, you have to know he told her that he brought a sandwich for lunch. I could hear her say, "Mommy didn't have any left-overs to send you?"


Joshua is not much of a "sandwich person." He love, love, LOVES to take left-overs in his lunch, but I just really didn't have any. He took the last of the chicken'n'dumplin's in his lunch on Tuesday.

They have their fitness class on Thursday afternoons. Joshua said that the "circuit training guy" moved away, so they were going to do Zumba. He said he added some martial arts to his moves to make it "more manlier."

We got home about 4 o'clock, and I died in the chair. I mean, really...soooo tired.

I was supposed to go to the Chamber of Commerce banquet with Jim, but he told me I could stay home if I wanted to.


Today has been a day of washing and changing sheets. I'm finally putting away the flannel sheets until the Fall. I hate to, but it's time...I had to turn the a/c on the other night! I still am sleeping in my cute flannel pajammies for a while longer. They are just so comfy and cozy and CUTE and FUN...I'm not ready to give them up just yet.

Clark came home tonight for Spring Break. So happy to see him! Looking forward to this weekend, and next week!

"He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength." Psalm 23:2-3a

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