Sunday, June 14, 2015

Camp Barnabas 2015: Joshua's Letter to our Family

*I still haven't recovered from the events in my last post, altho many of my friends and family members are finding it quite hysterical.

Every year, before Joshua goes to Camp Barnabas, he writes us all notes.

Usually, we each get our own personal letter. We'll find them on our pillows, or the bathroom counter, or at our places at the kitchen table.

This year, he said he was being more "efficient." He just wrote one letter for the whole family. Here's what it said...exactly how he wrote it:

"I look forward to be seeing all of you all's email's for all of you. 

I hope in the Lord will watch for all of you. I will tell all of you my camp stories i write it all for you all. I will miss you all.

I love you all. And do my a favor pass that mammaw and papaw genie. I want to know what goes on. And what you all did.

Do me a favor please tell Aaron to eat breakfast. It really makes me uh sad that he doesn't it's not to much to ask.

I can't wait to fill you all in what i will be doing at camp. I will telpathically stay in touch.

Love you werewolf Fred. And Logan and Clark and you all may the Force be with you. LOL" 

A couple of things:

First, he HATES the word, "y'all." He thinks it is "bad grammah." He also does not like "ain't," or anytime people leave off the "g" in a word. Like, "goin', eatin', sleepin'." DRIVES.HIM.NUTS. If we use words like that, he will tell us ALL about it. And if we KEEP using the words, he will get madder and madder. That's why he used the words, "you all" instead of "y'all" in his notes.

Which, saying "you all" instead of "y'all" drives CLARK crazy...but this post isn't about Clark! (ha!)

Secondly, it makes him so mad that Aaron-the-son-in-law doesn't eat breakfast. Joshua is such a health nut, and he has NO patience with people who eat junk food. Or who don't like vegetables. Or who don't like the things I fix at home. Or who only eat very specific things. Or who drink soda for every meal. That would be Aaron on almost all of those things. Aaron will tell Joshua that he wants to be healthier, and Joshua will tell him how to eat. I wrote about him making a work-out plan for Aaron that involved him lifting rolls of toilet paper...and their dog, Marley...instead of weights.

Lastly, he thinks we can keep in touch telepathically. Or, "telpathically."

I didn't hear from him the whole week he was at camp, soooo...must've been a bad connection out in the Missouri wilderness!

"Day by day the LORD takes care of the innocent, and they will receive an inheritance that lasts forever." Psalm 37:18

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