Thursday, December 26, 2013

Joshua's Christmas Letters

So, on Christmas morning, after the presents were unwrapped, Joshua stood up. And, side note: this has nothing to do with the story, I just want to remember what he was wearing: a white t-shirt, warm-up pants, his navy blue robe (we call it his smoking jacket!)...and, on his feet, his ever present Crocs. In his hands, he held a stack of papers...notebook papers. The kind that you rip out of a spiral notebook...the kind that leaves the ripped edges.

He slowly walked over to Logan and gave him one of the papers. He says it's a "poem" for him. And then he gave him another paper. "For Morgan," he says.

Joshua loves to write. For the past year or so, he has been writing a story that he thinks would make a good movie. He likes to write songs/poems for people, and he always writes something for us on our birthdays.

We aren't surprised to get notes from him. They are always hand-written and very heart-felt. And they are usually always funny...not to Joshua, he is very sincere about them. It's just that sometimes the words he uses aren't in the proper context, and that makes it funny. Like the time he bought Jenni the birthday card with the giant dog on the front, and when you opened it the dog's long tongue came down. Joshua wrote on the tongue, "Happy Birthday Jenni! I want to lick you."

Yeah. Imagine that I'm slow blinking right now.

Joshua said he was writing it from the dog's perspective, but it was still hi-larry-us. I'm still surprised we didn't get a call from her parent's about that!

But we never let on to Joshua that his notes are funny, because we are all so thankful for his abilities, and for his sweet spirit.

So Joshua proceeded to pass out all the rest of his notes, In a minute, Holly said, "hey, where's Aaron's note?

Now, Aaron was sitting there grinning, because he had been watching and had already realized that Joshua had forgotten to write him one...and it was FINE. Aaron has such a kind heart when it comes to Joshua. Anyway, Joshua looked kind of startled...I could tell he was a little upset, but he tried to cover by saying, "uhhh...Aaron...I just did it for the biological family." And he did his little "air quotes" over the word, "family."

Yeah. I could see where this was heading and I was silently praying the other kids would just let it go.


At about the same time, Holly and Logan both piped up, "well, Morgan isn't our biological family, and SHE got one."

And, of course, they are all grinning and thinking it's great fun...and I'm watching Joshua to make sure he realized they were just playing with him. He does not typically "get" sarcasm and just makes him mad. And those two rat-finks were cracking up and messing with him, and Aaron was saying, "that's okay, Joshua, I know how you don't have to write me anything."

It's just pretty funny that he wrote one for Morgan...because OF COURSE HE DID. He adores Morgan, and kinda has a little not-creepy crush on her. I wouldn't be surprised if her poem wasn't the first one he wrote!

Later, we were cleaning everything up and something was said about Joshua. I said, "I bet he is upstairs writing a poem for Aaron." Holly said, "I bet he isn't." Well, he came down a little later carrying a piece of that notebook paper. He had not written Aaron a poem...he had written him a letter. In it, he talked about how honored and thankful he is that Aaron married his sister, and how he doesn't see Aaron just as a brother-in-law, but as a best friend.

Everybody say, "awwww."

Then, in Aaron's letter, Joshua said something along the lines of, "I really enjoy our bromance."

And we all tried not to fall out laughing, because he was so serious and so sweet.

The Christmas poem he wrote for me is entitled: "A Heart of a Mother Tiger," and talks about how a mother tiger guards her cubs from harm or danger. Jim's poem was something about him being a lion, a furious protector and the king of the jungle.

I am so thankful for Joshua's sensitive spirit, and that he desires to gift us with his words.

"Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances." Proverbs 25:11

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