Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ice Storm Morning

I heard him leave.

Truthfully, I hear him leave every morning, even if I'm not up.

He gets up at 5 to run, or he gets up at 6 for work.

He is loud, even tho he doesn't mean to be.

I can tell exactly what he's doing. I hear him in the pantry getting cereal. I hear him get out a bowl and spoon. I hear him rattle his bottles of vitamins and fish oil and whatever else it is that he takes. He drinks Metamucil mixed with a small amount of orange juice. His doctor says it's good for him. It's thick and I hear him say, "UGH" every morning as he swallows it, and then clanks his glass down on the ceramic counter-top. I hear him go out front and get the newspaper. I hear him turn on the tv. I hear him go into the garage to get dog food. If the cat is in there, she runs into the house. I hear him say, "Kitty...get back here."

She does it every it's not like it's a shocker.

But these last two mornings...they are ice-storm mornings. They are different. We get to sleep in because everything in town is, school, church. Roads are closed. Shops are closed. If you have power, and we do, it's a nice and cozy day at home.

My husband...he got up early and left early the past two mornings. I usually walk him out. He will say, "don't get up." I get up anyway. Usually. This morning, I did not. I kinda heard him moving around, but I didn't fully wake up when he left. He called me later on. He said he couldn't get out of our neighborhood the usual way. He tried twice and kept sliding. He finally turned around and went the back way to the main road.

I made blueberry muffins this morning. I promised Joshua last night that I would. I said, "if we still have power in the morning, I will make blueberry muffins for breakfast." I heard Joshua come downstairs pretty early. The boy does NOT sleep late. I imagined him looking around and sniffing. Seeing no muffins and no MOM...he went back upstairs. Croc...croc...croc. I smiled as I got up out of bed.

The other day, Jim asked me if we had a certain item in our pantry. I can't remember now what it was. I told him I didn't know. One of the kids said, "why are you asking Mom?" Jim said, "well, because she runs our home." And the kids fell out laughing...because they all know Dad is DAD. But, I know what he means. I try to keep things going around here, so that Jim doesn't have to worry about us while he's at work. Especially on an ice-storm day.

I'm no housekeeper, not by a long-shot, but I like for it to be homey in here...for it to feel cozy and smell good, like something is baking. I've always wanted our home to be a safe and welcoming place. That when our kids come home from a rough day at school or work or practice, or Jim comes in from work...they can shut the door and walk inside and feel those burdens lift from their shoulders. Even if for a little while.

When Jim came in last night, the house was clean. It's decorated for Christmas with trees and lots of little twinkling lights. He hadn't had dinner, and I sat at the table with him as he ate. It's stressful days during ice-storms. The longer people go without power, the more irate they get...the more dangerous it gets for utility workers. Last year, they had security at his office because there had been threats. It's not the first time. Restoration is never fast enough for anyone, and people are cold and hungry.

But this night? There was home. And chili, and crackers that had been warmed in the oven...and chocolate pie. He got a call from a guy at work. That guy always has a story to tell. You never know what he is going to say. Tonight it was something funny, and, as tired as Jim was, and as frustrating as his day had been, he threw back his head and laughed and laughed, just listening to his friend.

I am so thankful for a godly, hard-working husband. He not only does his best for our family, he does his best for others.


"...He who watches over you will not slumber." Psalm 121:3

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