Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Weather

We are supposed to get some winter weather here tomorrow and Friday...and then have the coldest temps we've had in YEARS at the early part of next week.


And you can just feel it in the air.

Not the cold...the anticipation of the cold.

Because it's been warm here all week. But people are hurrying the grocery, at the gas station...everywhere.

I've got groceries...most of them. I think there's a couple of things I could run by and get...just to have. I mean, I pretty much have a menu of things I can make for the next several days...chili, soup, chicken and dumplins...and no one wants to buy too much. If you lose power and it's days before it's fixed, you could lose a lot of that food. Because as cold as it could be in your house, it's probably not gonna be cold enough to keep meat completely frozen...or milk completely cold...or ice-cream from melting.

And, it's when we have weather like this that I like to tell people my #1 tip for if/when the power goes out...well, the first thing I do BEFORE the power goes out...BEFORE the bad to get all the laundry caught up. I'm talking TOWELS AND SHEETS...because you never know who might be at your house. You might have family or friends who need a warm place to stay, and you for sure want to have clean sheets and towels, am I right?

Prepare your home for company.

But, the most important tip I have for if/when the power goes out is...EAT THE ICE CREAM FIRST!

"...The LORD Himself watches over you!" Psalm 121:5

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