Friday, December 20, 2013


Good thing wisdom comes from God because Clark done got his all tooken out.

(Clark got his wisdom teeth taken out today)

He was so nervous and worried about it. Bless his heart. I was kinda dreading it, too, not gonna lie. Where most people might have a question or two for the doctor, Clark had ten. He started reading up on side-effects, drug reactions, and things like "dry socket." I just knew that if anyone was going to have some kind of weird thing happen with would be him.

Jim and I have both had our wisdom teeth out, and so has Holly...with NO complications.

I know. We've been so blessed.

So Clark was really nervous, but ready. We all got to go back with him to a pre-waiting room area, but when it was time for his IV...they took him to surgery by himself. Hello, people. What are you thinking? He's just a baby!

Jim and I, Clark and Faith-the-girlfriend, joined hands to pray before he left. And I cried. And Clark walked out real fast.

I mean, the last time we handed him off to a nurse was 15 years ago. He had just been diagnosed with cancer, and they were doing surgery to remove the malignant tumor...and part of his liver. I know this is not the same as that at ALL...but I couldn't help but get a little emotional.

When they told us he was ready to go home, we drove around to the surgery pick-up at the back and a big, male nurse walked him out. Clark was as pale as a sheet. Before he even got to the car, he threw up at least twice. I felt so bad for him. They gave him a little, plastic basin thing for the ride home. When Clark asked for it, we couldn't really understand him because his mouth was all numb and full of when he said, "bowl," it sounded like he said, "boat." So now we call it his "boat."

Which, side note: he was so out-of-it that he didn't realize what the "boat" was for and at one point was acting like he was gonna use it for something else! Talk about AWK!

He did fine on the way home, and we got him out and walked him into the house. We were trying to get him all settled in the recliner when he leaned over the side like he was gonna throw up on the floor.


Doesn't everyone want to come to my house now?

Oh, dear. We gave him his boat to use instead. Bless his heart. Faith-the-girlfriend was wiping his mouth and Logan was just staring at Clark with big, wide eyes. Marley (Holly's halfadog) was so terrified over the situation, he ran and hid.

I didn't think he would be this pitiful or feel this bad, but I think he turned a corner at around 8:30 tonight. I woke him up to give him his meds, and he asked for the rest of the milkshake his sister brought him. And then he ate the chicken 'n' dumplin's that I made especially for him...and he drank lots of water. And then he changed out his own gauze.

That is huge...because earlier, it took Holly and I both coaching and helping him because he was so out-of-it.

I am thankful for my family. Joshua has been praying for Clark. Logan did laundry while the rest of us were at the surgery center. Holly took Joshua to get a hair-cut...and then when we came home with Clark, has taken good care of him. This is the same girl who was so squeamish and nearly fainted at the sight of blood, fluids, syringes or anything even remotely related to anything medical for the first 20 something years of her life...and here she was with her drooling and bleeding brother, telling me to go on out and she would clean up everything.


Just kidding. She's gonna be an awesome RN!

I am feeling so thankful and blessed tonight.

"But true wisdom and power are found in God..." Job 12:13

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