Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice Storm Day 4-School Starts Back Tomorrow

Day 4 hasn't been too bad.

School was out again, but Jim had to go in and work this morning. I decided last night that today was gonna be Paint My Bedroom Day.

It was already half-way painted...BLUE. Which was supposed to be green...which is the color I wanted, and the color it showed on the little sample card. But it was definitely BLUE after I got it on the walls. So, I left it that way...half blue, half the gold-y color that was on there to begin with. I just wasn't motivated to finish the job when I wasn't thrilled with the color.

It's been that way for a couple of months.

I finally went back to the paint store a couple of weeks ago and talked to one of the technicians there and explained what I wanted. I took home 2 samples, and painted swatches of each color on several walls. I still wasn't feeling too confident, since the LAST green color I chose turned out to be blue...but I finally bit the bullet last week and ordered 2 gallons of one of the green colors. I just knew Jim wasn't happy with the blue...he loves green...and I figured, hey, it couldn't be worse.

I guess you can tell I move pretty slow on home-improvement jobs around here, but this morning, I dragged everything out and got started.

And guess what?

I love it.

It's just what I wanted, and with another full coat, it will be perfect!


Annnnnnnd...I'm now half-way done. Again. Maybe I can finish most of the first coat tomorrow while Joshua is with his group. I'm excited to get it done now!

Clark had an appointment this afternoon with the doctor who will be taking out his wisdom teeth over the Christmas break. I was kind of nervous about driving in by myself because of the road conditions, but Jim surprised me by saying he was going to take a half-day of vacation, and we could all go...and then go out to dinner after the appointment! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And this whole wisdom tooth could be bad...REAL bad. I don't know. I had mine out with NO problems. Holly had hers the same oral surgeon...NO problems. But Clark? I can just tell how he's gonna be...and I hope I'm wrong. He was taking everything all the side-effects, all the bad things that could happen: dry socket, infection, allergic reactions...DEATH. I'm pretty sure he will have several unusual things happen to him and several others that he will imagine in his head.

Oh, I hope I'm wrong.

So, the doctor is giving us all the instructions and he says, "okay, Clark. You will need someone to bring you to this appointment, and someone to drive you home...and someone who can stay with you, and watch you, and take care of you intentionally...making sure you eat and drink and take your meds on a regular basis, and closely monitor your recovery for 2 or 3 days after your surgery."

And then he looked at me.

And I said, "so, basically, my days won't change..."

"...God gives His people peace." Psalm 29:11

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