Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Well, I've been MIA on here for a week! I really want to record all that we did, but my mind is so tired.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Logan and Morgan came on Wednesday night, and they stayed with us until Sunday. They had just spent a week with her family on a trip to Disney World, so they've had a really busy, fun Thanksgiving break!

Last year, my two married kids were with their spouse's families on Thanksgiving, so I didn't make a big meal...and then when everyone arrived here the next day, they were, like, "where's all the food?" So I decided that, no matter who was here for Thanksgiving this year, I was going to make a big meal with all the fixin's...and whoever was here could eat it.

Holly had to work on Thanksgiving day, so Aaron-the-son-in-law took baby Rhodie to his parent's house. Logan and Morgan left to have lunch at her grandparent's house, but they were back here in time for dinner.

I had set the dining-room table a week ago, and then, before I put all the food in there, I went around to all the plates, and brushed them off with a dry dish towel. Which, NOTE TO SELF: use a wet towel. Because the dry cloth did not get all the dust off of the plates, and I was mildly embarrassed/irritated that it didn't.

But it was all didn't stop anyone from wiping off their own plates and eating big piles of food.

On Friday, we left to go to Tulsa for my Dad's 80th birthday. I want to write a separate post about that...and it's taking me some time to get my thoughts together.

We have had a great Thanksgiving break. Lots of family time with all 4 kids and their spouses...and it was Rhodie's first Thanksgiving. I feel very thankful.

"Seek the Lord and the strength He gives! Seek His presence continually!" Psalm 105:4

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