Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tuesdays At Kroger

Today I forgot.

I forgot it was Tuesday, and I went to Kroger anyway.

If you don't know, Tuesdays at Kroger are Senior Citizen Days. They are also "Double-Coupon" days.

My mother-in-law pronounces "coupon" as "qu-pin." So Tuesdays are "Double Qu-pin" days.

Also known as "the day Kroger practically pays me to shop there."

For years, my mother-in-law has shopped at Kroger on Tuesdays. She gets the Senior Citizen discount, AND the double qu-pin discount. According to her, they call the manager over to her line from time-to-time, because NO ONE can BE-LIEVE that she is saving THAT MUCH MONEY. "It's like they are paying me to shop there."

Except that you pay THEM, Mammaw.

Also? It takes my mother-in-law 2-2 1/2 hours to grocery shop on Tuesdays. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I never understood the Tuesdays-at-Kroger phenomena...and then one day...I forgot. And I went. On a Tuesday. And then things became crystal clear.

It is a social outing for most of these people. Some of the Senior centers bring vans full of senior adults.

In fact, my mother-in-law tells me that her sister will call her 3 or 4 times BEFORE she gets to Kroger...and then, when she gets there, and they see each other, they act like they haven't seen each other in FOREVER. I love to watch these senior adults see their friends. They check out what the other one has in their buggy, and they ask about recipes...and about their families. It's so sweet.

But, God-forbid if you are trying to get to the meat department for the day-old pork tenderloin, because you will be RUN OVER by the "hover-crafts."

Not sure what you call those riding things, but, on Kroger? They.are.everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And you'd better WATCH YOUR BACK (and your heels).

I'm not making fun. That is my future, should I live that long. I am so thankful for equipment that increases the quality of life for people. All people. Some of the FRIENDS in Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group use wheelchairs, so I'm well-aware that they need to watch out for people...and people need to watch out for them. 

Yesterday, there was this elderly man who was shopping...and his cell phone went off no less than THREE TIMES (that I heard). He had a unique ring-tone, probably put on there by his grandchildren, and it had to be on the loudest possible setting.

The problem? This gentlemen could not hear it ringing. He was happily going aisle to aisle, filling his buggy with the things he needed...and, all the while, his phone was BLARING.

Or, maybe he was just ignoring it.

Because, the other day, I ran into Wal-Mart, and there was an older couple standing right in the entrance of the store. They had no clue that they were blocking the entrance, and everyone was having to kind of squeeeeeeeze by them. The woman was asking loudly, "ARE YOU GOING TO GET ME SOME CORNFLAKES?" And the man said, "I TOLD you I'M NOT WALKING ALL THE WAY OVER THERE."

What in the world?

"So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim Your might to another generation, Your power to all those to come." Psalm 71:18

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