Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Real Life Update 11.08.2016

I haven't done well keeping up with my family on the blog. I tried to post every day in October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. And in November, I typically post something I'm thankful for each day.

But life has been going on for 31 days of October, and now 8 days of November...and I have yet to post anything.

Earth-shattering, I know.

And, even more earth-shattering? I can't remember anything that we've done that is worth posting.

Except that the HOGS won against Florida last weekend, and it was like the seas parted and the angels sang...because the weekend before, we were slaughtered by the Auburn Tigers, and I lost all hope for the season. Joshua was fur-i-ous over the loss, and he was muttering every Downsy bad word he knew...and doing a lot of "self-talking" during the whole game.

I recorded a video of him on my phone, where he was giving lots of advice to our coach, Bret Bielema. I ended up not being able to post it, because he used the words, "don't be a bunch of sissys," even after I asked him not to. I told him I couldn't use the first video, because "WE DON'T CALL NAMES," and it is not nice to call anyone a "sissy." He asked me to make another one, and he promised to be kind.


The second one turned out great and cute until the end, when he said, "Well, I would tell them not to be sissys, but my Mom says that's not nice to say."

It seemed like such a long week last week. There was Halloween...don't get me started. I love all of the little kids who come by.

LITTLE kids.

But, we had people bringing flat-bed trailers through our neighborhood, and kids were running all around and in the street, like kids do...but these kids weren't even from our town. Maybe I'm getting old, but I gave one little kid a candy bar, and he said, "ewww...I want something else." I looked at the Mom, thinking this would be a teachable moment FOR HER, and she looked at me like, "well?"

I quietly shut the door, and prayed they wouldn't come back later and trash our yard.

I had a kid hit the doorbell 7 times with the palm of his hand. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! Good thing Jim just replaced the doorbell THE DAY BEFORE.

And there was the kid who beat on my door with a SICKLE. I opened the door, and there stood a "kid" about 6 feet tall. He was dressed all in black, and carrying a sickle. Good thing he wasn't a clown. Because, you know, you can't dress up as a CLOWN these days...but you can dress up as the grim reaper? I gave him a ton of candy because he was so scary looking.

Please don't hurt me.

Jim was out-of-town a lot last week, so I was really looking forward to Friday. He got home right after lunch, and Holly came over with the baby. It was a fun day.

Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group was having a "movie night" for the FRIENDS on Friday night. They were watching some Ninja Turtles movie. I knew Joshua was not a big Ninja Turtles fan, but I assumed he would want to go hang out with his friends.  WRONG. He told me he would rather stay home, because he "didn't want to see no talking turtles."

BAHAHAHAHA....tell us how you really feel, Joshua.

Then, Logan and Morgan, and Clark, all came home late Saturday afternoon. Holly had to work on Saturday. Aaron brought the baby over, and he and Joshua watched football together. We ordered pizza for dinner, and everyone ate whenever they felt like it...and they all hung out and visited after Holly got in from work.

On Sunday, we had Rhodie's baby dedication at church.

If you aren't familiar with this custom, it's a service where the parents publicly dedicate their children to the Lord. Actually, it's more about the parents dedicating themselves to the Lord, promising to raise their children in a home that believes in and follows Christ. And then we, as a church body, commit to support and pray for these families.

It was so sweet to see Aaron-the-son-in-law and Holly up on stage with baby Rhodie.

It was a blessing to have all 4 kids here, as well as the two add-ons (that's what Joshua calls Holly's husband, Aaron...and Logan's wife, Morgan). Jim's parents met us at church. Aaron's parents, and Aaron's sister, also came to the service.

After church, we all had lunch together at Holly and Aaron's house. We had BBQ and the fixin's. I had asked a girl from church to make a cake to acknowledge and celebrate Rhodie's big day. Rhodie is a baby...he could care less about decorations and cake and things like that, but I wanted it to be a special day for Holly and Aaron.

We all ended up leaving Holly and Aaron's house after lunch, and we came home. Holly and Aaron live 1 minute away from our house, so they came over in about 30 minutes...and then all the kids, plus the two add-ons, sat outside for the rest of the afternoon and talked and laughed.

I watched from the window, because I was inside rocking Rhodes. I could've gone out there with them, but I think they need time together to make fun of Jim and I talk about life, and what is going on with them, and all of that.

Watching them interact...my heart was about to burst. I love each of them so much. They are all the same and they are all different. They are all caring and sensitive and sincere and loving. They are also opinionated and loud and funny. They are all so.very.funny.

And then, before I was ready for them to go, they left. Logan and Morgan headed back to their home, and Clark headed back to college.

I'm so thankful for my kids, and for the relationships they have with each other. I hope and PRAY they are always close.

"I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 4

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