Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Joshua: Therapeutic Rec, Ornaments, Corky's

Well, today was Joshua's first day back to Therapeutic Recreation since Thanksgiving...and, oh my goodness, you would've thought it had been a year...instead of just 12 days.

This morning, on our drive into the City, it was like he was seeing things for the very first time. "OH! There's the bean fields." "OH, there's the mountain!"

So funny!

Also, random: he got out and used his bottle of "man lotion," not once...but TWICE...on our 40 minute drive. I almost had to jump out the window, because FUMES.

Also? We have a radio station that plays non-stop Christmas music from Thanksgiving til Christmas, so we sang and sang and sang this morning.

Joshua and the FRIENDS made wooden ornaments this morning. Joshua said they made them from "tree bark." Really, they were circles of a small log that had been cut into pieces. They painted them to look like the face of a snowman. They turned out really cute!

And they went out for lunch.

Which, if you had asked any of the FRIENDS what they did today, it would've been"blah, blah, blah...went out for lunch." Because, it's a known and proven fact that the FRIENDS like nothing more than going out for lunch. Unless it's going out for dinner. Ha.

Joshua had to tell me what everyone had to eat. Of course, he only ate half of his sandwich, and brought the rest of it home to eat tomorrow. BUT, he forgot and left it in the car for several hours, so we had to throw it away. When I asked him about it, he said, "I'm a nut," and I cracked up. He's never said anything like that before.

I told him we would get Chick (Chick-Fil-A) for lunch tomorrow, and he is VERY excited about that!

He was happy to see his friends. He was REALLY happy to ride in their group's brand, new van!

After we got back to town, we made a quick trip to the grocery store...even tho it's Tuesday.

You all know how I feel about going to Kroger on Tuesdays. 

We were walking in the crosswalk, on our way out of the store, and we were nearly smoked by a car that was being driven by a very elderly woman. I grabbed Joshua and pulled him back. I said, "WATCH OUT! Memaw is not stopping for pedestrians." Joshua said, "well, it IS Tuesday..."

"The Lord gives me strength and protects me; He has become my deliverer.” Psalm 118:14

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